8 Funny Books About Pants for World Book Day!


Happy World Book Day!

And Happy 20th Anniversary to the World Book Day crew! What an achievement that this UNESCO recognised holiday is now celebrated in 100 countries around the world.

We love a good book here at Utility Bear Towers. Some of the best books we know feature grizzlies… from The Jungle Book to Goldilocks. Classics.

But we spend most of our time these days nose-deep in designer fashion look books.

So, as we are the purveyors of all that is great in the designer underwear world, we thought what better way to celebrate #WorldBookDay20 than with a run-down of our Top Eight Underwear-Related Books.

Because let’s be honest, anything pants, knickers or bums-related is entertaining for parents and bear cubs alike!


Pants Books For Baby Bear Cubs



PANTS is a funny rhyming picture book written by Giles Andreae featuring lots of hilarious pictures by Nick Sharratt, where all the people (and things) are sporting some very groovy underwear!




One Big Pair Of Underwear is a New York Times Bestseller (yes, really!) Written by Laura Gehl, it tells the story featuring our favourite animals (bears) who hate to share. A funny picture bed for little cubs to enjoy before bed.




Ants In Your Pants was an award-winning bestseller by children’s author Julia Jarman and cute illustrations from Guy Parker-Rees. Who wouldn’t laugh at ants biting bottoms at a birthday party? Don’t worry though, Mr Aardvark saves the day!


Pants Books For Little Bear Cubs


Spongebob Squarepants’ crazy comedy is a hit with slightly older children, and the “I Ripped My Pants!” episode was such a hit that it has since been turned into YouTube videos, novels and activity books with stickers and colouring games, just like this one.




The Adventures of Captain Underpants written by Dav Pilkey became such a hit with kids that it is now a series of books. Captain Underpants is the superhero invented by young boys George and Harold who bring him to life with plenty of humorous consequences!



For little nippers who prefer a funny poem or rhyming limerick to a full story or novel, then the now-famous “Underwear Salesman” book is perfect for them. The poems by J. Patrick Lewis take children on a fun journey learning about different jobs (FYI we think underwear salesman is the best job, obv!)


Pants Books For Teenage Bear Cubs



“Angus, Thongs and Full Frontal Snogging” is a now-famous coming of age tale full of comedy and life lessons, written by Louise Rennison many years ago – though it has now become a classic. It’s a brilliantly funny journey through teenage angst!



OK we’re cheating with this one, as the pants in the title refers to a pair of jeans… however  we couldn’t leave it out. Ann Brashares “Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants” coming-of-age series is a New York Times number one bestseller and was then made into a movie starring some teen star favourites like Blake Lively and America Ferrera.


And when you’ve had enough of reading about pants you can pop along to UtilityBear.com and buy some fancy ones! We’ve even got a cute range of mini Calvin Kleins for the bear cubs to enjoy too…


World Yoga Day: What To Wear


World Yoga Day this year falls on Sunday 26th February 2017.

Distinct from International Yoga Day (created by the UN General Council), World Yoga Day was started ten years ago by Berlin-based yoga teacher Samira Radsi.

She and her friends contacted yoga schools around the world to form a “24-hour yoga marathon” with teachers, schools and yogis globally donating their time, space and money to human rights causes. They achieve the marathon by ensuring everyone does their two hour yoga session between 11am and 1pm, whatever their time zones!

Yoga as an exercise regime is over 5,000 years old! 

It is considered so effective because it uses stretching movements to burn calories, tone muscles and promote flexibility physically, while also focusing on the act of breathing to bring benefits to our mental and emotional wellbeing. There are over 100 different types of yoga you can practice from Vinyasa and Ashtanga to Bikram, and more.

With an exercise that involves so much movement and relaxation, it’s important to choose the right clothing to stay comfortable…


What To Wear To Yoga

Choose specific sport underwear with special moisture-wicking fabric.

This will not only keep you dry and comfortable while you work out, it is also much more hygienic for the most sensitive of body parts when sweat particles are removed from the skin. They will also help to avoid unsightly sweat patches in the wrong places. And definitely avoid anything too frilly that will move around.

Sweating is also important to consider when it comes to the colour choice of your yoga gear.

Light colours will show moisture much more easily and this might make you feel self-conscious – an emotion that doesn’t sit well in the free-flowing, relaxed spirit of yoga. Choosing darker colours such as black, navy or brown will ensure your modesty is protected.

For similar reasons, women will want to invest in a supportive, comfortable sports bra to wear underneath your yoga top. Moisture leads to lighter colours in particular becoming see-through, so a protective layer closer to the skin will make you feel more at ease.

Freya Active Sonic Underwired Moulded Sports Bra Storm Black

When it comes to style you will want to wear close-fitting garments where possible.

Items like elasticated leggings or skimming capri pants are not only comfortable and supportive, they help the yoga instructor to check your alignment during poses, ensuring you get the most out of your sessions and continue to exercise safely.

If you prefer baggy clothes, harlem pants are a great alternative because of the elasticated waistbands and ankle cuffs.

For men, if you prefer shorts for the breathability during a hot class, a good tip is to wear a pair of sport cycling shorts underneath the looser layer. This helps with moisture wicking while also avoiding any accidental exposure.

Just check that the shorts or trousers you choose allow for a really good range of movement, as some won’t stretch during lunging for example, which is a basic movement in most yoga sessions.

Tommy Hilfiger Fitness Cropped Legging

You might also like to bring a warmer layer with you to yoga, which you can take off during the class.

Often early morning yoga is cold to begin with. Perhaps the room has been empty during the night. Alternatively evening yoga can take place in gyms and studios that are shared spaces and use air conditioning at other times of the day.

If you bring a thin enough zip-top or shawl you can continue to wear it during the class for comfort if you need to. You’ll definitely enjoy using it as a blanket during the nidra – lying down relaxation!

Tommy Hilfiger Cotton Blend Hoodie


What Not To Wear To Yoga

You will want to avoid tight-fitting materials such as spandex which can ride up and cause discomfort as you move between poses. This will interfere with your concentration and ultimately mean you don’t get the best from your time working out.

Similarly, if you go too far the other direction and wear clothes which are very loose, you may find them falling up/down with all the bending over involved. You don’t want to be worrying about being over-exposed with every Downward Dog!

Try to avoid cotton in the underwear department.

Cotton is light-weight and comfortable, however it holds moisture and can become heavy and sticky when wet, which isn’t so great when you’re going to be sweating (particularly during hot yoga like Bikram).

Yoga is traditionally practiced with bare hands and feet so you should avoid socks and gloves, but if you feel like you need more grip on the mat due to sweating, then invest in some quality accessories made for the purpose of sport, so that you don’t end up warmer and more uncomfortable.

HOM Performance Air Active Long Boxer Brief – Black

Just remember that comfort is of the utmost importance when choosing yoga clothes.

The aim is to wear something that you can forget you are wearing altogether as you relax and concentrate on the task at hand!

And you’ll find all your designer sportswear kit at UtilityBear.com

Loungewear Gets Sexy

We say loungewear, you say…

comfy? Lazy? Sunday spent at home?

What you probably don’t say is “latest celeb fashion trend.”

However since back in 2012, celebrities have been bucking the trend and bringing the indoors outdoors, making pyjamas and loungewear a legitimate fashion statement.

Of course, only certain brands, styles and patterns make it to the “acceptable outside” list, and obviously we stock them all here at UtilityBear.com!

Lounge Pants


Miranda Kerr is just one of many celebs making a statement in comfy pants – from the quirky patterns to travel long haul to the sports/yoga style for a morning at the park with the kiddies; these cool bottoms are no longer confined to days spent house cleaning or hungover-at-home.

And with some tailored cuts and cute styles from the likes of Tommy Hilfiger and their Iconic Cotton Long Pant, we’re glad this moment has come because it would simply be a waste if no one saw them!

Buy Now





And not of the “sweaty running” variety. No, stars such as Rihanna have been rocking the jogger look in recent years. Sometimes it’s a simple tee or hoodie combo to get to the gym or rehearsals, but more impressive is their integration into urban night-time style.

You could team these Jockey Off-White Melange Jogger Pants with a satin bomber jacket and high heeled boots for a new take on the utility sports luxe trends.

Buy Now

Yoga Pants


Ah, the humble yoga pant. No longer confined to the mirrored dance studio or gym-selfie, celebrities like Jessica Alba are regularly papped in a yoga pant ensemble, giving them that just-about-to-work-out look so popular among modern students and mums alike.

And what’s not to love about these Tommy Hilfiger Fitness Cropped Leggings? A stretchy tencel fabric blend for a supportive, stretchy fit and a beautiful navy for all seasons.

Buy Now

Sexy Pyjamas


Pajamas/Pyjamas/PJs/Jim Jams… call them what you like, but they have never really entered the real of fashion, despite many designer catwalk and celebrity attempts to make it so. But step in the new era of pyjamas – the slinky, designed pyjama pant, a la Rosie Huntington Whitely.

Buy Now

To achieve this look yourself Calvin Klein have brought out a beautiful set this season, with loungewear top to match. The Seductive Comfort Lace Trim pant will make you feel as comfy as home when you’re out and about (and looking chic while you do it!)

Hooray for Hoodies


Hoodies used to be a symbol of teenage rebellion (so much so they were almost banned from retail stores and public places back in the noughties!) But now, celerities are rocking oversized sweaters and hoodies as the acceptable “off day” get up to hid your sins and give your body  a Sunday break from being pushed in, pushed up and taped on a Saturday night!

Buy Now

Alessandra Ambrosio perfectly captures the trend and the trick, it seems, is to purposely buy a man’s oversized jacket/jumper to give the best effect. Look no further than our Tommy Hilfiger Cotton Blend Hoodie for the ultimate comfort and cut!


So stick with us at Utility Bear for all your designer loungewear, pyjama and underwear needs…

Valentine’s Day For Him & For Her

It’s that time of year again folks (no, not Pancake Tuesday, get your mind off your belly for once!)

The official day of romance approaches and what kind of designer underwear and lingerie folk would we be if we didn’t give you a heads up on the best buys for your special someone?

So as usual, we’ve had a good rummage around the bear cave and picked our favourite pieces – for him and for her – and brought them together in one easy place for you…


Valentines Day Gift Guide For Her

We’ll start with the ladies because, let’s be honest, this is one national holiday that is definitely more about making the girly bears smile!

But guaranteed every year, Valentine’s Day will get men-folk in a tail spin.

What do you buy her?

Does it depend how long you’ve been dating?

What bra size is she?

What if I get it wrong?!

Push your worries aside and check out these Bear Necessities for a love-filled holiday that will put a smile on everyone’s face:

If you’re looking to bring some spice to a long-term romance, or you just feel that your favourite female deserves a pick-me-up treat, then a matching designer lingerie set will always hit the spot. Fantasie’s latest styles – like this Penelope Underwired Bra – ooze sophistication and quality, with their attention to detail and stunning prints.

Buy Now!

If this is your first Valentine’s Day together, or you’re unsure about choosing something out of her comfort zone/style, we recommend something like Fantasie’s Alexa Brief. Steering clear of cliche red and opting for something timeless, with a designer edge (such as the fanned embroidery design here) will ensure you hit the mark for Brownie Points.

Buy Now!

But the holiday of love doesn’t have to mean lingerie for a sexy night in! There are plenty of other ways to show we appreciate the lady bears in our lives. Whether it’s pyjamas for a new mum, a new weekend bag for a best friend or some everyday essentials she really needs but won’t buy for herself; brands like Tommy Hilfiger and their iconic bralettes, lounge pants and T-shirts will make her feel comfortable AND loved!

Buy Now!

Find even more Valentine’s Day Gifts for Her in the dedicated are of our website here!

Valentine’s Day Gift Guide For Him

While this particular holiday is heavily aimed at women and giving them all their favourite treats (chocolate, flowers, designer lingerie) there’s no doubt been a tide change in recent times.

Grizzlies have decided that they, too, deserve to be spoiled. And we agree!

If the latest underwear and swimwear ranges on offer for men is anything to go by, then most of our favourite designers think so, too!

Fear not if you’re not sure what constitutes a great male Valentine’s Day Gift, though – we’ve got you covered:

We know, we know, it’s the obvious choice. Red! But plenty of men folk don’t want frills and gimmicks, they want to stick to what they know. Like firm favourite designer brand Calvin Klein. Their new Intense Power Trunk range brings a striking new logo-emblazoned waistband with the same reliable comfort and superior fit. All wrapped up in a trendy new hue – Dylan Red.

Buy Now!

Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be all love hearts and teddy bears, though. If you want to treat your grizzly to some quality designer underwear that he can don everyday with pride, then HOM’s latest range offers just the mix. These Sport Boxer Briefs bring all the technical fabric benefits of a product designed for sport, while also looking cool with the very festive red seam accents.

Buy Now!

And we don’t just show love to one part of the body here at Utility Bear, oh no. We fully recommend looking further down for some great gift ideas too. Tommy Hilfiger’s Sock Gift Sets are hugely popular and it’s easy to see why. They’re a practical present with all the quality and comfort you’d expect from such a renowned brand. Plus, when it comes in it’s very own snazzy gift box, you won’t even need to wrap!

Buy Now!

Check out these and many more grizzly gifts at UtilityBear.com’s dedicated gift guide website here.

The Future of Underwear: in 2017

Happy New Year Grizzlies!

We hope January has been good to you. It’s been good to us.

The cubs at the UtilityBear warehouse have packed more designer sale items than ever before, sent around the globe, with love to all of you!

Of course this time of year the world of fashion is gearing up for Spring Fashion Weeks and a sneak peek at the latest trends. And while the same happens for undies and swimwear, what interests us more is the technicality behind the latest designs.

2017 is the year underwear goes futuristic!

And not in a spaceman way – although that would be pretty cool too, right? No we’re talking about new technologies, production advancements and cool new designs. Pants are becoming Smartypants!

If you want to be ahead of the pack then you’ve come to the right place. Seeing as we’ve educated you on the history of underwear, now let us take you on a tour of where underwear and lingerie is headed in 2017… AND BEYOND!

Scaffolding Smalls

Enhancing underwear isn’t just for lady bears.

For the last decade we’ve seen huge advancements in the technology behind what is now affectionately known as “Undie Armour.” Control wear and shape wear started with Spanx and their revolutionary body stockings and has since moved on to slimline, seamless materials incorporated into stunning lingerie designs and everyday wear.

But for too long, the men-folk were forgotten. The focus was on comfort, not style. Until now. We’re seeing a rise in pouch-enhancing technology and designs, aimed primarily at making you look your best when wearing only your boxers, with a helpful lift up and out where it counts! Check out newcomer brand Bjorn Borg for some serious-scaffolding-seam action:

Buy Now! Bjorn Borg Essential Boxer Shorts 3 Pack

Genital-Friendly Gym Gear

The majority of modern advancements have come in the field of fabric technology. Big brands are now incorporating moisture wicking capabilities as standard, even in day wear ranges.

But as fans of a good burst of physical exercise ourselves (well, sometimes), we have been super impressed with the performance designs that arrive into us each week. From Jockey Sport’s microfibre range providing breathability and moisture regulation to HOM’s performance trunks that allow the skin to breathe, avoid overheating and a dries quickly, you’ll never again have to worry about the nether regions when working out!

Buy Now! Jockey Microfibre Active Trunk 2 Pack

Forever Frillies

In times gone by designer brands who were confident in the quality of their products would offer a returns policy should anything fall short on customer satisfaction.

Brand whizz kids Sloggi have taken it even further with their Evernew Range. Having invested for years in technology, design and durability, Sloggi are so confident in the endurance of their products that their latest guarantee is more than a return policy. It is completely unlimited and unconditional. Yes, really. They promise to stand behind every single product in the collection.

Buy Now! Sloggi Evernew Bralette

If a product does not deliver on their quality promise, customers simply return it to them at any time for an exchange. It’s a game-changer.

But what underwear advancements are we still waiting on?

Sensory Smalls

Thanks to Nestle Fitness back in 2013, we’d already been introduced to the “tweeting bra” which raised awareness of breast cancer by tweeting each time the celebrity wearer unclasped her bra via a bluetooth sensor.

But now US army medical researchers are developing “smart underwear”with sensors hidden inside the waistbands. The sensors can track heart rate, body temperature and perspiration, and then send all the information back to a central monitor.

Of course in the army, the purpose is to judge which trainees are coping best under stress. But this technology could easily be used with gym-goers for example, bringing the training tracking off your arm or smartphone and straight into your training gear!

Goodbye FitBit, Hello FitBits!

For all your smartypants designer underwear needs, join our VIP Cub Club with your email address online now and Like us on Facebook for the latest competitions and deals!

6 Things To Cheer You Up in January!

Well wasn’t Christmas fun?!

We love all the eating, drinking and sheer merriment mixed in with a big dose of HIBERNATION in front of a roaring fire.

But alas, it must end, as it does every year. January comes and brings with it sales (hooray!) so check out UtilityBear.com for our New Year offers if you’re shopping!

However, if you’re feeling too down of spirit to get out and about, then fear not, we’ve compiled our list of top 6 things that will cheer you through the supposedly “saddest” month of the year…


To Feel Better About Yourself…

Sometimes you don’t need a person, or place, as an excuse to just treat yourself.

A new piece of designer underwear underneath even the wooliest of Winter jumpers will make you feel a bit more motivated to attack the day with attitude.

And Tommy Hilfiger brought us the very sets for this at Christmas when they introduced the perfect mix of comfort and style in their new lace bras and briefs:

Buy Now

Motivation To Hit The Gym…

Sometimes it only takes some cool new gym kit and we suddenly feel better about that 5am alarm call on a cold, dark morning.

HOM to the rescue then, with their new Performance Explorer Trunks that don’t just look good – they come with the latest technology to help you feel good too:

Buy Now

To Look Good At The Gym…

As if the famous Calvin Klein Bralette couldn’t get any better (it was basically the blogger/celebrity underwear item of the year in 2016!) they’re back with a bang in 2017.

Although it’s not a structured fitness garment, wear the new silver to and from the gym and you’ll feel as funky-fit as you hope to be really soon:

Buy Now

To Impress The New Year Lady Bears…

Perhaps finding the perfect mate is on your to-do list in 2017?

Well you’d do well to impress in some of the underwear styles we have coming up the lines!

This slick pair from Tommy Hilfiger are one of our favourites just now, and they even come in a gift box, in case it’s your Best-Bear-Buddy who needs a nudge in the right direction with his resolution efforts:

Buy Now

To Look Forward To Spring…

It isn’t that far away you know, we’re on our way to sunny days, flowers and a literal spring in our big bear steps!

We can see the Spring colour scheme already coming through with brands like Bjorn Borg bringing us dark pastels and brighter check patterns in their popular boxer trunk multipacks:

Buy Now

Or Curl Up And Keep Hibernating…

Our brand friends know us too well.

Yes us bears like a Winter Party as much as a Summer Picnic, but we also like to chill out too.

So if you’re not up to anymore festivities. If you can’t face tackling the New Year Resolutions just yet, then grab one of our cosy pyjama sets, like this one from Jockey, and just ride that January wave in comfort and style:

Buy Now


Christmas Gift Guide For Her

And now it’s the lady bears’ turn!

Christmas 2016 is fast-approaching and we want to help you find the best gifts for all the special folk in your life.

That could be a hard job considering the vast amount of impressive new designer underwear and accessories brands we welcomed to UtilityBear.comthis year!

So to help (because we’re a helpful bunch) we’ve compiled our favourite pieces in one handy place for you: last week we gave you the Gift Guide For Him and now we finish with our 2016 Gift Guide For Her.

Below we’ve got the best Christmas gifts for the women in your life; be it lingerie for the Better Half, socks for your sister, pyjamas for your friend, or something special for yourself!


Calvin Klein Star Pyjama Gift Set in sizes XS – L (£65.00)

Calvin Klein Modern Cotton Bralette (Grey) in sizes S – L (£30.00)

Pringle “Louise” 3-Pack Socks (Grey) in size UK 4-8 (£10.99)

Jockey Watermelon Capri Pants (Navy) in sizes S – L (£29.99)

Sloggi “Light Lace 2.0” Non-Wired Bra (Aubergine) in sizes 32A – 38C (£20.00)

Tommy Hilfiger Fitness Cropped Legging in sizes XS – XL (£40.00)

Tommy Hilfiger 3-Pack “Lara” Bikini Briefs (Navy, White, Red) in sizes XS – XL (£32.00)

Freya “Wildfire” Underwired Plunge Balcony Bra (Lava) in sizes 32D – 38FF (£34.99)

And for the girl who had everything… Gift Vouchers from £5.00 – £100.00

Christmas Gift Guide for Him

Christmas 2016 is fast-approaching and we want to help you find the best gifts for all the Grizzlies and Ladybears in your life.

That could be a hard job considering the vast amount of impressive new designer underwear and accessories brands we welcomed to UtilityBear.com this year!

So to help (because we’re a helpful bunch) we’ve compiled our favourite pieces in one handy place for you: starting with our 2016 Gift Guide For Him.

Below we’ve got the best Christmas gifts for the men in your life; be it socks for Daddy Bear, boxers for your Other Half, or something special for yourself!


Calvin Klein Long Pyjama Set With Long Sleeve Crew Neck Top – Red/Grey £61.00 (sizes S-XL)
Lacoste Colours Collection 3 Pack Cotton Stretch Boxer Trunks – Green/White £36.00 (sizes S-XL)
Tommy Hilfiger Heritage Check Woven Boxer Short – Red/Blue £32.00 (sizes S-XL)
Jockey Striped/Plain 2 Pack Long Pant Thermals – Blue £54.99 (sizes S-XL)
Bjorn Borg Short Shorts Mirage 2 Pack – Lake Blue £24.00 (sizes S-L)
Tommy Hilfiger 4-Pack Navy/Blue Sock Gift Set Tin – Blues £24.99 (sizes 6-11)
Utility Bear Don’t Conform Tee Silver Marl – £19.99 (sizes S-XXL)
Sophos Superman Navy Wallet – £19.99
British Bag Company Tartan Harris Tweed Holdall Black/Grey – £84.99

Our 10 Favourite Celeb Underwear Quotes

We look to celebrities for advice on everything from what they’re eating to the latest exercise craze, even when we shouldn’t.

But here at UtilityBear we’re only interested in underwear, of the designer kind. So we wondered what some of our favourite celebrities thought about undergarments in general.

Here’s our Top Ten Favourite Celebrity Underwear quotes:

Jamie Dornan hails from Northern Ireland. So do we. Coincidence? We think not:


Jamie used to date our favourite “Friend” many moons ago. But we defy him, or anyone, to make underwear look good as they grow older, like Ms Aniston can:


We think this was possibly a chat-up line, Wills, and it clearly flew right over your head:


Now Miranda Kerr knows a lot about underwear, seeing she made her name modelling it in a very famous runway show (whose brand shall remain nameless because… we don’t sell it):


Puff Daddy… Diddy… Sean… we’re not sure what to call him now. But we’re guessing he gives Tom Jones a run for his money in the stage bras department:


The second-youngest of the Kardashian-Jenner clan also made her name as a human clothes horse. We agree with her that underwear is very fun, even if it’s just you and your hairbrush dancing in the mirror! …Just us? Oh, OK…


Elder sister Khloe goes on to explain where their obsession with half-nakedness originated: #ParentingWin


Yes Rachel. Like how often they do their laundry. And whether or not they appreciate the talent of matching. Personally, we don’t trust folk who don’t:


Poor Stan. The King of Marvel may appear to have everything a man could want in life. But no one buys him novelty underwear and pyjamas at Christmas. So sad:


Is this even a thing? Someone tell Ms Hudson, before she starts to smell:


If the celebs have put you in the mood for some designer underwear shopping of your own, then we wouldn’t want to coerce you. We’ll just leave this here… www.utilitybear.com 


5 Common Underwear Problems And How To Fix Them

Hello again Grizzlies and welcome back to the blog that gives back!

We’re busy at UtilityBear HQ getting our festive stock and promos sorted so keep your eyes peeled for our countdown deals. We’ve also welcomed some new designer brands to the stockroom this month so remember to sign up to our VIP newsletter to get all the latest styles and news straight to your inbox before anyone else.

French designer Lacoste joins UtilityBear.com

In the meantime, we thought we’d impart some more worldly wisdom that we’ve accumulated along the way on our adventure in designer underwear around the world.

This week, we’re tackling the five most common underwear problems (and don’t worry, we come bearing solutions!)


Wayward Waistbands

Maybe you’re finding unsightly indentation marks on you skins at the end of the day from a too-tight waistband. Or perhaps the once taut elasticated waistband is now lacking the hold it used to give you. Either way, this is normally a sign that the fit of your underpants are no longer a good fit for you. A simple size-up will avoid marks and chafing, whereas new elasticated microfibre waistbands and synthetic-blend materials will stretch to your shape and give you the support you need.

One of the most famous waistbands in the business: Buy Calvin Klein Intense Trunks Now

Hot Pants

If you’re literally feeling too warm down below – especially if you’re sweating before you even make it inside the gym – then it could be a sign that your underwear is trapping moisture too easily. Cotton is often chosen as a natural fibre, soft against the skin, but actually cotton absorbs moisture. What you really need is breathable materials that are moisture-wicking. Temperature is particularly important for male groins as heat can affect important health issues like fertility.

Wedgie Warfare

There’s nothing worse than finding yourself in a constant wedge battle with your knickers. It’s not just an uncomfortable situation – but one that is awkward to try to fix, especially in public places. With proper fitting underwear, the dreaded wedgie should never happen to you. If it strikes you regularly, particularly in boxers or trunks, in can be caused by a lack of elasticity in the leg bands to keep them in place and in shape.

The HOM Fredy Male G-String: for the non-accidental wedgie effect! Buy Now

Itchy and Scratchy

Aside from health issues, the most common cause of itching in the nether regions is in fact due to the washing detergent we use on our clothes. Many brands of laundry detergent have high levels of things like perfume or cleaning chemicals. The best way to avoid this is to opt for a hypoallergenic product where possible, preferably non-perfumed and ideally made for sensitive skin; which is exactly what your private parts consist of!

Drawer Dilemma

Most lady bears will know this pain, as will some grizzly men-folk. When you’ve picked the perfect outfit to suit your mood, the weather and the occasion – one that will make you feel your best… but you can’t wear it because the specific underwear you need to go with it is in the laundry. Thats why we often suggest buying at least 3 sets of everything you might need from colour combinations of whites, blacks and nudes, to a selection of shapes in items like briefs and bras that will sit seamlessly beneath your clothes and give you the hidden support you need to look your best.

Sloggi Bras bring us every shape, style, colour and fit you could ever need! Buy Now

So look after your “bear bums” Grizzlies!