Utility Bear Valentines Gift Guide


Whether you’re planning a romantic day out or a sexy night in, Valentine’s is the ultimate holiday of love and as it fast approaches, we’ve got the perfect guide to making your other half feel special!

Lingerie For Her

At Utility Bear we know that women like choice (and it’s a lady bear’s prerogative to change her mind). So it can be overwhelming to choose the right lingerie as a gift when she owns such a vast selection. Bras, basques, suspender belts… is it worth the stress?

But lingerie has been the perfect present for decades for good reason – it’s luxurious, something she might not splash out on herself, and it will make her feel as good as you think she looks!


  • DO choose lace, embroidery and matching sets – all the finer details men folk don’t usually notice – these are the elements that will impress her underneath the gift wrapping.
  • DO think about what she likes, check through her drawers taking note of the underwear brands and then see what new lingerie sets those brands are currently selling – the fit and feel will then be similar to what she’s comfortable in.
  • DO stick to colours she likes to wear in her general clothing. If she wouldn’t wear a red dress she probably won’t appreciate a racy red bra!
  • DO research size – the hardest underwear element to get right, but the most important. Again it’s drawer-hunting time! Find the most recent size or the most common size among the labels (because women can wear different sizes in different brands).


  • DON’T choose complicated pieces with too many ties/straps (you don’t want to get tangled up taking it off) Go too wild and risk ruining the evening – if you haven’t discussed anything crotchless – avoid experimenting with underwear on Valentine’s Day! Forget hosiery (that’s tights and holdups to the rest of us!) A fine silk pair of stockings for suspenders can instantly dress up any plain lingerie set.
  • DON’T give up hope. So maybe you have a bunch of cubs in the cave and it’s not so easy to don some lacy undies and light the candles. But fear not! Even if your romantic night-in involves a movie and some cosy pyjamas, a new set of lounge wear is a female favourite and its not just for Christmas. From cotton long pants to fluffy robes, pampering your significant other with comfort and luxurious time to herself might mean more to her than a fancy dinner in high heels.
  • And if you’ve been together a long time, why not prove how much you know about her with a few key pieces from her favourite underwear brands (correct size investigated of course!) and show that she doesn’t need frills and bows to impress her man-bear.
  • If all else fails and you’ve got yourself into a shopping stress mess, just go for the gift voucher inside a handwritten card (to show you gave it some time and thought) while giving her the freedom to buy her favourite underwear essentials or choose a new luxury piece herself.

Underwear For Him

Valentine’s Day has been described as a holiday that’s ultimately for women, but here at Utility Bear we don’t believe it should be. Lingerie is a key gift choice for the ladies because its sexy, intimate and romantic, and it can be just as romantic for the boys too!

Whether you have a hardworking Daddy Bear who could use a comfy new bathrobe and pyjama set to unwind in, or you’re planning a night of romance with a sexy significant other, underwear is a great gift.

It shows that you’ve taken time and effort to research and choose, while also boosting your partner’s confidence that you do, in fact, want to see what he looks like under his clothes!


  • DO think about his favourite underwear brands, like the designer boxers or patterned socks he wears to death. It’s the perfect time to splash out on a new multi-pack that he might not want to spend on himself when he thinks he should be treating you.
  • DO remember that as with women’s underwear, size is important for the men folk too. A quick trawl of the labels in his drawer should steer you in the right direction (remember that he could be different sizes with different brands) and check for the newest-looking pair!
  • DON’T look for gift sets like boxed socks and trunk multipacks which offer more variety and often come in fancy packaging and gift boxes for special occasions.


  • DON’T buy underwear with hearts and teddy bears all over them unless you know your fella will appreciate it. Could be cute, or it could be creepy, it’s about knowing what your man likes.
  • DON’T apply the same rules to male bears as lady bears when it comes to lace, embroidery, or anything too revealing in the undergarment department.
  • DON’T use Valentine’s as an excuse to “broaden his horizons”. Grizzly bears like the comfort of their caves and if he is a boxers man, now is not the time to invest in a G-string!
  • DON’T forget about accessories, they’re not just for girls. Your man could just as easily appreciate a new designer bag or belt as much as you would.

Again, if after all this you’re still torn as to what to choose, a gift voucher inside a handwritten card will give him the freedom to choose his special gift himself.

But we’re pretty confident you’ll find the newest products from all your favourite global designers at the best prices, right here at UtilityBear.com

And we wish you all an adventurous Valentine’s Day!

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