Where Do The Lost Socks Go?


Missing Socks.

It’s a modern day phenomenon: socks that just vanish in the washing machine.

It’s so common, there’s even an entire day dedicated to it – Odd Socks Day – in October each year.

We just don’t get it. You put pairs in the washer, you get singles out.

Or you’re folding them neatly for your underwear drawer, sorting into pairs, and there’s always one sad little sock left with no identical twin.

Where the heck do they go?

As a purveyor of all that is great in the designer sock world, here at Utility Bear, we have donned our Sherlock Holmes hat s and become MIA-sock detectives.

So we bring you the top 3 theories about where the missing socks of the world go.

(We managed to discount the house elves one because, well, it’s just plain silly).

Lost Socks

If you find yourself sock-deprived at the end of a day of washing and drying, some believe there could be other-worldliness at play. There’s been talk of tumble dryer portals, washing machine parallel dimensions and some new-fangled talk of Dark Matter.

We’re pretty sure there’s a more simple cause behind the whole thing.

Not least because if the washing machine had the ability to space travel, NASA would have their heads in there, ASAP.

Disappearing Socks

The more likely scenario is that socks are easily lost inside the machinery they find themselves in every time we put a sweaty pair in for freshening up.

Plumbers have recounted humorous tales of odd socks found wrapped around washing machine drums, sucked down drain pipes or caught in the air vents of dryers.

Odd Socks

Of course there will always be those who feel that fiction is more entertaining than fact. Indeed some folk believe that the case of the missing socks is all down to the manufacturers who want us to buy new pairs more often than we usually do!

(We categorically deny this accusation however, if you’re looking for new matching pairs of fancy socks, we can highly recommend our very own designer sock collection here).

Regardless of the cause, odd socks leave us with a conundrum.

Do we just wear mis-matching socks?

A fashionable bear wouldn’t dream of it!

So what’s to be done then to recycle all these lonely, unloved single socks?

Ideas To Recycle Odd Socks


You’ve could make a traditional sock puppet to entertain the bear cubs.

Or if you’re feeling adventurous (and particularly energetic) you can tie lots of odd socks together and make a jump rope.

You can cut holes in them and transform them into fingerless gloves for the Winter!

Filled with catnip or a chew bone they make a great DIY toy for pet cats and dogs.

Or if all of that making sounds too crafty for you, simply make a difference by donating them.

There now grizzlies, problem solved. Don’t say we aren’t helpful!

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