The Best Underwear For Working Out


When was the last time you bought underwear specifically for the gym?


We’re not surprised.

But there are very good reasons for choosing the right undergarments before you work out.

Here we’ll help you make the best choice for your next visit:


No Commando

Some bears think it’s best to avoid any chaffing, visible lines or the all-too-common wedgies by going bare to the gym.

However bacteria and yeast thrive in a moist, warm environment. The best protection from infection is to wear some underwear under your workout gear to catch any sweat.

So it’s not the best idea to go commando.

However if you frequently wear bottoms with moisture-wicking capabilities, then you could workout underwear-free.

Underwear will also provide a barrier between the sweat and your clothes to avoid the dreaded #ButtSweat marks!


No Thongs

While many women hate the thought of VPL (visible panty lines), the alternative (thongs) are tight fitting and can slide back and forth while you exercise causing friction and heat which could lead to UTI’s (urinary tract infections) and vaginal bacterial infections.

Best to go with the VPL instead then!


No Fancy Pants

Avoid lace or silk, neither of which are breatheable fabrics. Cotton is good but some of the newer synthetic fabrics are specifically designed to keep you dry.

For repetitive movements, like running, cycling or cardio classes, buy seamless underwear that will be non-abrasive against your skin.


No Perfume

Don’t be fooled by scented pants or other crazy new sales pitches.

We have apocrine glands in the groin. Odour is a fact of life. You’ll get showered when you’re finished. 

No one expects you to smell like a bed of roses while working out!

For Men:

Jockey sports underwear is a great choice for any gym activity or sport.

Their athletic underwear for men uses Coolmax technology.

Available in a range of styles including briefs, midway briefs and sport trunks with flat seams for added comfort.


For Women:

As important as the fabric and fit down below, it’s equally good for women to support their assets up top.

Exercise can cause discomfort and stretching of the breast tissue. Even slow exercises like yoga can feel easier with added support.

A good sports bra or supportive bra top from Sloggi will ensure natural fabrics and a comfortable fit while you work out.


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