The Good Sleep Guide


What To Wear To Bed – Underwear or Pyjamas?

Whether you spell it pyjamas or pajamas, the issue that divides us isn’t how we spell it, rather it’s whether we wear this old faithful item of night time clothing to actually sleep.

Little research exists on this important issue, bar a few surveys such as the National Sleep Foundation’s 2013 International Bedroom Poll (it’s really called that).

They found the British more likely to sleep naked than the Americans, but the Americans were less likely to wear ‘jammies’ than the Germans or Japenese, for example.


Sleeping Naked


There are so many things to consider in this important nightly ritual decision. If you dare to bare:

You might get too warm!

You might get too cold!

What if a burglar breaks in?

What if there’s a fire?

What if you have to run out into the street naked??

These are important factors to consider for the sleep-nude brigade, not least the fact that there are certain bedroom activities some bears wish to partake in, for which clothing simply gets in the way.


Despite the obvious embarrassment risks however, there are those who swear by the emotional, mental and physical health benefits of sleeping naked.


Pyjama Party


Of course pyjamas were invented for a reason – to create a soft barrier between our skin and bedding, to keep us warm.

Just last year (2015) memory-foam mattress makers Ergoflex conducted a poll that found not washing your pajamas for over a week could leave you susceptible to skin infections such as cystitis or even developing MRSA (!) due to the shedding of skin cells.

However, the same poll (of nearly 2,500 British couples aged between 18 and 30) still found the good-old two piece pyjamas set to be the most popular sleeping choice among the lady bears (37%) with the man bears opting mostly for “underwear only” (38%).

Nightwear hygiene could be the least of our problems though, given Ergoflex’s previous survey where only half of men admitted to washing and changing their bedsheets at least every THREE MONTHS!


Bedtime Rebels

Then there are the rebels; the folk who want to wear something to bed, but shun the traditional matching top-and-pant combo.

Instead the create their own pseudo-pajama outfit from boxers and vest tops, knickers and t-shirts, or just the pants on their own.


Fashionable Pyjamas

Worse still, is the modern movement of those who deem it appropriate to wear their PJs as outerwear, for a walk down the road, or to the shopping centre, in the daytime, outside the cave!


Well thankfully, the new loungewear revolution is helping us fight the good fight, with comfortable day gear that is as close to pyjamas as one should get, when one is being seen outdoors.

Of course these aren’t for sleeping in, resembling as they do, more something you might wear to a yoga class. Far too restrictive or easily-tangled to wear to sleep!


How To Pick The Right Pajamas

Firstly, pick the right material to ensure a good night’s kip:

  • Cotton is lightweight and breatheable, less likely to irritate your skin
  • Silk is actually a thermoregulatory, keeping you warm when you’re cold and vice-versa! But it’s expensive and needs dry-cleaning (not to mention it’s slippery!)
  • Moisture-wicking is good for night sweats or those who overheat, because it will take water away from your skin
  • Wool/Fleece might keep you warm but they aren’t breathable and can lead to overheating/sweating and irritation

Then look for the finer details – avoid tight elastics, uncomfortable buttons and detailing, or areas that could become tangled and wake you from a good night’s sleep.

And don’t forget the feet grizzlies! Cold feet are a symptom of sleeplessness, but likewise if your feet are hot, your whole body is likely to overheat, so wear lightweight sleep socks if you need them.


For the Nudey Bears

And if you simply can’t “bear” the thought of sleeping any way other than bare, fear not!


Sleeping naked has been touted for it’s health benefits – namely the ability to prevent overheating.

This is important because if you’re too warm while you sleep, your body doesn’t produce enough melatonin and growth hormone, which are important for repair and anti-ageing.

Growth hormone also helps your metabolism.

Likewise, the stress hormone Cortisol is bad for your body and it drops the most… during deep sleep.

A good night’s sleep is vital to overall wellbeing and health.

So whatever you choose, choose wisely (our great collection should help!) and sleep well bear cubs!


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