5 Pieces Of Underwear You Should Throw Out Today!


Underwear spring cleaning is one of those things we all worry about, but no-one quite knows ‘the rules’…

You ask yourself “how long have I had this?”, “when was the last time I wore that?” or the worst offender; “are those even mine?!”

And then there are the sins we can’t excuse. The favourite boxers with the hole in them, the bra with the wiring poking out, the elastic hanging by a thread.

If you haven’t thrown those out, you should hide your bear head in shame!

Of course there is a get-out clause with some of our favourite undies and it comes down to one word: frequency – the frequency with which you wash it, and the frequency with which you wear it. Some items will wear out quickly from a lot of use, and others that are kept for special occasions (i.e. the frilly, expensive ones!) well they can last a long time if they’re well cared for.

With that in mind, you can’t just do a once-a-year clear out like you might do with the garage or your attic.

But likewise, having too much in your underwear drawer is a recipe for wearing out the same old favourites, and forgetting about what you have altogether!

The Utility Bears are here to help this year’s Spring (Cupboard) Clean with some tips on the underwear to dump pronto:


Anything stained, discoloured or ripped

As in, you’ve tried everything and there’s still a strange looking patch of colour lingering. Yuck.

If the item is intact and in decent condition, then as long as you’re regularly washing it (at least once a month in a hot wash, despite what we know is better for the environment!) then it should be OK to keep, for occasions like female periods when you don’t want to risk staining new underwear.

Try the colourful styles from Bjorn Borg and replace those stains with the latest designs!


Over-stretched elastic

Years of wear and tear can turn a pair of boxers into a very sorry sight!

If the fabric on your undies has worn, torn or the seam stitching is gone, then it’s time to let them go.

Not least because they will no longer be functioning as a piece of “support wear” which is, after all, half their job.

Seams that cut off circulation

It’s not enjoyable to go about your daily business with wire poking from a bra or trunks that are too tight around the waist or leg.

If your underwear has got to the point of no longer fitting well or being plain uncomfortable, then just bin it.

Aside from the sheer annoyance of it, remember that anything ill-fitting probably affects the way your clothes look on top of it, too.

Badly-fitting bras

Breast shape and size actually changes more throughout a woman’s life than most lady bears realise.

And  a change in shape requires a change in the support needed. This can mean a bra that was once a perfect fit could start causing back pain, and even saggy boobs. Watch for issues like skin spillage, ill-fitting bands and pain around the underwire, which are all signs that a bra has become too small.

Try the extreme comfort of the Sloggi Evernew range, which promises a lifetime’s guarantee!


Your “skinny” underwear

As like with clothes, no-one benefits from the daily self-loathing inflicted by the reminder of a wardrobe of things you can’t wear, getting you down before you’ve even started your day.

You don’t need that kind of negativity in your life!

Get with the times

If you can’t remember the last time you bought new underwear then it’s time to replace some of your trusty ol’ favourites with a few new shapes, fabrics and patterns.

There have been major improvements in underwear in recent times, from breathable fabrics, to new sport technology and higher quality design and fitting.

You might find something that works better for you and looks better on you!

Find the highest quality and latest styles of designer underwear at UtilityBear.com 

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