Best Socks For Running


It’s Marathon Season!

We’ve just had the Lion Foundation Marathon in New Zealand and the London Marathon in the UK, but next month (June) is a veritable marathon-lover’s paradise.

From the Harmony Geneva in Switzerland, to the Maastricht in Belgium, from the Great Wall Marathon in China to the Rio Marathon in Brazil, next month will see runners across the globe take to the streets for their ultimate personal running challenge.

We’re urging grizzlies around the globe to remember their feet when it comes to prepping for one of the greatest personal challenges a human can take on…



Marathon Training

Marathon training involves a range of preparation. Amateurs and professionals alike will spend months working on their physical and mental fitness as well as their nutrition.

Marathon runners will sports choose clothing to suit the weather, their own body shape, perspiration levels and personal comfort.

Women will look for support in particular, like our new range of Active Sonic Underwired Sports Bras from Freya that just arrived online!

The Sonic UW moulded sports bra offers you complete freedom of movement with the confidence to match, with its breathable spacer fabric.


Men, too, will be considering breathable underwear like the famous Jockey Microfibre Active Trunks (RRP £21.99) with a quick dry microfiber fabric blend of 92% Polyamide, 8% Elastane and mesh panels allowing the skin to breathe:


But when all is said and done bears, if your feet decide they can’t go on, then you can’t finish the race!

And so another key element of preparing to complete such a fete successfully in the sports clothing department involves focussing on the part of the body doing the heavy lifting: the feet:


Looking After The Paws

Even though many runners will prepare their bodies to the fullest, and they will also ensure they have the best running shoes for their foot arch, stride length and impact weight, surprisingly little thought is given to the humble sock!

And yet you’ll not want just any ordinary sock for long-distance running. Oh no!

You need to think about elements such as:

  • Long-lasting materials for durability and natural wool for the cold
  • However you’ll want those mixed with synthetic fibres, to cope with perspiration and chafing
  • You will also be looking at shape to avoid rubbing or friction that might cause blisters
  • Sock height is also a consideration – choosing a height to avoid blisters on the Achilles, while taller crew socks or knee socks are needed to protect your calves if you’re running a trail marathon for example
  • There are even socks with extra padding or arch support built-in (but remember that thickness will increase the temperature inside your shoe!)

Surprisingly, despite them being marketed as “trainer socks” the commonly-recognised shorter style is more suited to short distance jogging and generic sports than long-distance endurance running. Like these cotton-blend Tommy Hilfiger trainer liner socks below (RRP £9.99).



What Socks Are Best For Running A Marathon?

The same considerations you give to clothing will apply to socks for running.

If you’re completing a Winter Marathon, then you’ll want to invest in quality wool socks, like those from 250-year-old brand Wolsey.

They have been famous for their thermal wear since the days of the Explorers (Wolsey underwear was chosen by both Captan Scott AND Norwegian Roald Amundsen for the 1911 race to reach the South Pole!)

We have a range of Wolsey underwear, socks and thermals online for the adventurers among you!

It’s not just the cold you have to prepare for, though.

Running in hot weather will lead to sweating and sweating leads to chafing. This is actually made worse by natural cotton socks because they soak the moisture rather than waking it away from the feet allowing them to dry, the way socks made from combinations of acrylic, spandex or polyester do.



Pringle’s Sports Socks are a great all-rounder (RRP £10.00).

A  high quality sock that provides maximum comfort and performance for any sport.

The cotton-rich material and added Lycra ensures sweat is fully absorbed, keeping feet fresh and avoiding blisters.

The socks also have in-built cushioning to protect the foot.


How To Choose Socks For Running

The best advice for choosing socks to run in is to test a variety of shapes and thickness, practicing the run distance in your chosen trainers for the big day, testing each sock in advance.

Also make sure to try the socks in both dry and wet weather as rainfall can affect how they feel, while hot weather and sweating could change how well your feet cope pounding mile after mile.

Admittedly, some bears have no desire to run. But for those who love nothing more than the buzz of running in the open air and beating our personal best, marathons are the ultimate test.

So be sure to kit your body with the best running clothing and accessories with us at


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