Travellers Guide to Packing Underwear


Holiday time! Oh the excitement!

When it comes to travel, whether it’s short city breaks, a week-long beach resort stay or a year of trekking across the globe, we are ultimately divided into 2 types of bears:

Those who love packing suitcases, and those who loathe it…


Suitcase Packing Problems

You’ll find though, if you dig a bit deeper, that those of us who see suitcase packing as a necessary evil, do so because we find it difficult –

  • How do you know what you’ll need?
  • How do you fold it so it doesn’t need ironed?
  • How do you fit it all in?!

Now you’d think given the small-in-size nature of undies that packing underwear would be the least of your worries…


Unfortunately, it can be just as much a headache as deciding which outfits and shoes to pack:

  • Which colour underwear is needed to go with each outfit?
  • How often will you be able to wash it?
  • So how many pairs do you need?
  • Will there be romance on the cards?
  • So do you need lingerie, too?
  • Is it too cold for cotton or too hot for lycra?

Fear not grizzlies! We’re here to help.

We’ve scoured the internet to find the best (and ignore the worst!) tips for packing a suitcase that includes our much favoured items – and in our opinion, the best part of the outfit – the undies!


Top Tips For Holiday Packing


The first job is to get organised and plan exactly which items you’ll need for your trip, whether it’s comfort for trekking or designer thongs and trunks that won’t show under your white linen trousers on the beach.

Then look at your washing facilities.

Will you be hand washing in a river?

Sharing a hotel laundry room?

Or will you have your own washing machine and balcony to dry items in the sun?

The ability to freshen up will drastically affect how many pairs you need to pack.


Underwear for Long-Haul and Travelling

The best items for the adventurous among us will have the same qualities you’d look for in items for working out or running (we previously blogged our advice for gym underwear here and marathon socks here).

That means the materials and fit will be:

  • Lightweight
  • Breathable
  • Perspiration/odour-resistent

Unfortunately, most people assume natural materials like cotton are the best because they will reduce irritation, but it’s actually a nightmare to dry in hot places!

We recommend items such that are specifically made for activities where you sweat, like sportswear.

Jockey’s Microfibre range will give you all those benefits and they look great too!



How to Pack Underwear

Just like with clothes, rolling underwear takes up less space in your suitcase than folding it.

But you can also be extra clever with where you put it once it’s rolled up – inside shoes and down the side bars of suitcases are great unused spaces.

Just don’t forget you hid them there when you’re unpacking!

Another consideration, if you’re travelling with hand luggage only or going to exotic places where you might be security checked at customs, is to keep your underwear from falling out on the table in front of everyone (cringe).


This is more likely to happen if you’ve stuffed pants and socks all over the nooks and crannies of the bag.

A better idea here is to pack it tightly inside a clear, resealable plastic bag. That way the security attendant can easily see it and you’ll both avoid the embarrassment of lacy lingerie tumbling out onto the floor!


Suitcase Packing: Bras

As for the lady bears and bras; the trick is to fold them in (making it one cup instead of two) and then stacking them on top of each other in one corner of the bag.

But if you’re backpacking and seriously in need of space, the better option is to leave the underwires and padding at home, opting for sports bra styles that are easier to roll and wash.

Our designer brands now stock a wide range of this style of sports bra, bralette or bra top.

Our favourites include the Sloggi Sensual Fresh Bra Top, the iconic Calvin Klein bralette and the Freya Active sports bras.



Underwear Packing for Travel Emergencies

And finally, the tip Mammy Bear gives us but we never listen because we think it will never happen to us:

Pack spare underwear in your hand luggage/handbag incase they lose your luggage!

But it’s not just useful in suitcase emergencies, sometimes planes are delayed and you’re forced to stay an extra night in a hotel. Sometimes you feel extra grubby after a long haul flight or a race around a hot airport to make a connecting flight.

The joy you feel at finding the airport has free showers for passengers will be severely dented if you realise you have to put your nice clean body back into your grubby old boxers!


Now go forth and see the world grizzlies!

But make sure you buy all your designer underwear travel essentials here first, at Utility Bear.

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