8 Fun Facts for National Underwear Day

Happy National Underwear Day!

The day dedicated to all things undies.

Underwear: the first thing we put on in the morning and the last thing we take off at night.

They support us, flatter us, protect us and comfort us.

No wonder underwear is our favourite here at UtilityBear.com!

So in honour of this most fun of national holidays, and to celebrate a host of new designer underwear stock lines on our website, we wanted to bring you some of our favourite fun facts about everyone’s favourite “smalls”…


Married People Have Cleaner Underwear


No really, it’s a fact, the research says so. Granted they difference between the single folk and the married bears is small, but it’s still there.

Having someone at home everyday to impress with your nice new underwear is obviously a pretty good incentive for keeping those knickers clean!

The Egyptians Loved Underwear, Too


145 pairs, people! OK, he was a King and by their nature, Kings can go a bit overboard when it comes to possessions (I mean who needs a Gold coffin when you’re partying with the angels, right?)

But even in the earliest days of civilisation, humans understood the worth of a good pair of quality undies, and Tut wanted to make sure he had all his favourites with him in the afterlife!


Most Victoria Secret Models Are Brazilian!


It’s one of the most famous lingerie brands across the globe, almost mores for its annual catwalk show than for the underwear on the models themselves.

But incase you were wondering which country produces the most Angel-worthy ladies, then the answer is the Southern American capital. That’s next year’s holiday sorted then!


Americans Own A Lot Of Underwear


Like, 21 pairs a lot. That’s three weeks worth of fresh pants at any given moment, when we’ve all only got the one butt.

But then, this is a conundrum we understand at Utility Bear – there’s just too many great styles, new patterns and different fits to seriously choose between them!


Italians Wear Red Underwear For Luck


At least, the women do. And only on New Year’s Eve.But it’s an interesting idea.

Many people have a lucky pair of pants that they were to job interviews, sports games or – dare we say it – on a first date. If you haven’t picked your lucky colour yet, we’d take a leaf out of the boot-shaped-country’s book!


People Buy Royal Old Underwear


Unlike Tutankhamen, Queen Victoria wasn’t buried with her undies.

Somehow, someone got a hold of them. Maybe they found them somewhere. We don’t have all the details… ANYWAY, they decided to sell them at auction. And someone paid almost £10,000 for them. Crikey!


Underwear World Record Holder


In 2010, a ten year old boy in New York decided his life’s work to that point could be more meaningful and he took it upon himself to become a record holder!

215 pairs of trunks later, and Jack holds the World Record for the most underwear worn at any one time. Someone even filmed it. But we didn’t post the images because, well Jack is 16 now and he may regret his decision…


Underwear As Outerwear Isn’t New


Everyone from Kim Kardashian to Gigi Hadid is doing it, but the fashion trend of underwear as outerwear that rose to prominence last season is far from a new idea.

Famed French lady Marie Antoinette was apparently the first to don her frillies in public – much to the scandal of the French court at the time – when she wore her chemise as a fashionable dress outside the bedroom!


Put The Fun Into Your Underwear

Whether you’re married and in need of more fresh pairs, or you’re looking for that perfect elusive red lucky pair, you can shop for all the latest designer boxers, trunks, bras, socks and accessories at UtilityBear.com 

(And you won’t have to pay ten grand at auction, either!)

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