The 4 Essential Mens T-shirt Styles

We’re all for minimalism here at Utility Bear Towers.

Too much clothes = too much washing and ironing. And we couldn’t do that to the Lady Bears (wee jokes!)

In all seriousness though, we know a fair bit about clothing and underwear by now, seeing as how it’s our business to find the best and bring it to you.

And we’ve learned that the old adage is in fact true; less is more.

If you invest in the right cuts, styles and colours, you can buy just four T-shirt styles that will see your wardrobe through all seasons, trends and occasions:


1. Crew Neck

Crew neck is the classic T-shirt style made famous by Marlon Brando. You’ll recognise it by the close-cut round neck, short sleeves and the medium-fit around the torso.

Not generally the best idea for wearing under shirts because the sleeve lines show – we’d recommend the tank vests or long-sleeve options below if you’re chilly in the office – however that’s OK, because they look mighty fine on their own. Especially if you throw a groovy design on the front. Not to blow our own trumpet, but…

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However, don’t get carried away with the latest design trends. With all T-shirts it’s a good idea to own a selection of basic , plain colours that underpin any seasonal colour trends: usually white, black and grey. Brands like Tommy Hilfiger will often produce these in handy multipacks for you:

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This way you’ll always have a classic Tee in the wardrobe for any occasion.


2. V Neck

Ah V-Neck, the great divider of the men’s fashion world. Some grizzlies love them, others loathe them, largely due to the variation in the depth of the neck that has become popular in modern times.

The fact is, a well-cut V neck T-shirt has its place in your wardrobe, particularly for special nights out where you want a more tailored look. Or perhaps underneath a dress shirt that is unbuttoned at the neck, to show a flash of colour or add depth to a layered look.

Our friends at Jockey often sell basic sets in double packs to ensure there’s always one to hand if you fall behind in the washing!

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3. Tank Top

The vest style is noticeable by the absence of any sleeves. Might seem silly, but actually this makes for a really versatile T-shirt style.

Great for hot Summer days or holidays, when you don’t want the dreaded “Farmer’s Tan” lines on the ol’ biceps. Likewise, in Winter months, tank tops can be worn under shirts and jumpers as an added layer, in the style of a thermal vest.

We always look to Wolsey for these items, because no-one knows under garments for all seasons like the guys who warmed the toes of the first Antarctic explorers!

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4. Long-Sleeve Top

“It’s not a T-shirt!” we hear you cry. Well that’s a debate for another day.

What we can all agree on, is that no essentials wardrobe is complete without a close cut long-sleeve top. It’s one of the most versatile pieces of clothing, worn on its own for a simply-tailored look, or worn underneath casual shirts with the sleeves rolled up.

Like it’s Tank Top cousin, the long sleeved T-shirt can be used to bolster the warm layers of an outfit in colder months, or worn alone for a chic look in warmer climes.

Again, all our designer brands excel in shape, comfort and style when it comes to basics, like this black specimen from Jockey:

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For these essentials and more, remember to come see us at on the regular.

We’ve got basics and bravos, from your underwear and clothing essentials to your designer lingerie and lusted-after accessories.


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