Top Iconic Underwear Moments


At, our cubs are forever hunting the globe to find the latest and greatest in designer underwear, lingerie and accessories for you Grizzlies and Lady Bears worldwide.

So it’s safe to say, we know a thing or two about undies.

But sometimes we like to take a break from the hard work of making bear-angels on our designer-goodies-covered-stockroom floor and have some fun.

Today, we’re counting down our favourite pop culture underwear moments, that have made it to icon status in the last 100 years…


1955: The ultimate flash moment; Marilyn Monroe made subway fashion faux pas look good when she stood atop the New York City grate in The Seven Year Itch. (She wore two pairs of knickers to protect her modesty!)


1978: The pyjama party in cult classic teenage musical Grease has spawned a thousand imitations, from Marty’s glamorous red kimono to Rizzo’s boyfriend T-shirt and even Sandy’s floor length cotton dressing gown.


1983: There have been many a movie scene involving men dancing in their tight-whities (it almost makes us think there must be some truth to the scenario…) But the Tom Cruise Old Time Rock & Roll dance in Risky Business propelled this particular actor into the Hollywood stratosphere.


1983: In the same year, a female actress would also shock us on the Silver Screen, as Carrie Fisher brought some iconic bikini action to the Sci-Fi hit Star Wars. It would eventually go down in Hollywood history, destined to be Cosplayed forever more.


1990: Decades after women thought they’d finally is themselves of the scourge of the 1950s pointed bra, pop Queen Madonna wore her famous Jean Paul Gaultier conical brassiere on her Blonde Ambition tour and, arguably, started the “underwear as outerwear” fashion trend.


1992: We wrote a feature piece  on the blog about the journey of Calvin Klein as an iconic brand when we launched their line of products on our site in 2016. But it was the now-famous pairing of Marky Mark and (then fledgling model) Kate Moss in their branded waistbands that really kicked things off.


1994: Supermodel Eva Herzigova said “Hello Boys” on billboards across the land and a nation of both men, and women, fell in love with the now wardrobe-staple that is the plunge push-up bra.


2001: Bridget Jones’s Diary the book – and then the movie franchise – brought a liberation rebellion of sorts to modern women’s underwear when it mocked the “big pants” movement of single women everywhere.


2004: Janet Jackson. Superbowl. We probably don’t need to say anymore, infamous has this moment become in Pop Culture history. Suffice to say, it’s probably still not a good idea to flash your boob in front of a few million people on TV.


Whether you need new “Bridget Jones” pants or a sexy “Hello Boys” bra, or if you just want to dance about your house in your underpants like Tom Cruise… you’ll find all your undergarment essentials at!

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