Our Five Favourite Underwear Blogs


At Utility Bear we try hard to not only curate the best of designer underwear from around the world, but to bring you something more.

Here on our blog, we want to show you the latest styles, share our advice and tips, provide helpful gift and sizing guides, and just be all-round helpful little bears!

But we also have a few places we look to for our own advice and inspiration. So let us share with you our Five Favourite Underwear Blogs that we love on the Interwebs!


1 The Underwear Expert Blog

The Underwear Expert is probably one of the famous underwear blogs on the planet. They now specialise in curated underwear box deliveries, a bit like beauty perk boxes, but for people who love undies like us!


The Underwear Expert blog is primarily aimed at the Grizzlie boy bears with more of a fashion-spread type style and look book collection of the latest designers and the seasonal trends, for those who really want to stay ahead of the fashion pack.


2 The Lingerie Addict Blog

Cora Harrington is our favourite Lady Bear. And we don’t just mean because she is beautiful (although she is that, too).



Cora blogs over at The Lingerie Addict and has done so for close to a decade, making her the undoubted Queen of everything lingerie from design and manufacturing, to trends and LGBQT sections.


3 Big Cup Little Cup

Run by Sian (Big Cup) and Char (Little Cup), this UK-based blog talks all things bra fitting and lingerie styles, holding a special place in our big furry hearts at Utility Bear!


In the Christmas of 2015 – our first festive period in business – Sian and Char featured a taste of our selection of designer underwear in their Cyber Monday sale guide. They were the Mummy Bears to our Baby Bears and we have loved them ever since!


4 Invest In Your Chest

Invest In Your Chest began life in 2010 when blogger Cheryl experienced a less-than-staisfactory bra-fitting service in a high street store.


With that in mind, this underwear blog focuses mainly on problem sizing, particularly for people with small backs and larger cup sizes, like Cheryl. We love specialist information at Utility Bear too, with some of our brands catering to smaller body shapes and others, like Fantasie, aimed at larger busts.


5 Knickerbocker Stories

First up: what a great name for a blog, eh! And this one is a little bit different…


Most underwear blogs focus on a advice and style pics from others designers (like we do), however Karolina Laskowska designs her own collection of extravagant lingerie and her lingerie blog is a fascinating look behind the scenes of what it takes to produce your own lingerie line!


Are there any cracking blogs we’ve missed? Do let us know your favourites! 

And don’t forget to stop by UtilityBear.com to see the latest designer brands and styles winging their way to our underwear fans this season!

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