How To REALLY Wash Your Underwear


We deal in the best underwear at

We hunt it down, travelling over countries and oceans, to meet the best designers and bring you the best deals.

But once we send your goodies to you in our bear-themed boxes, well then it’s up to you to keep them looking fine and feeling great for as long as possible.

So we felt it was our duty to call out some underwear myths and share some grizzly tips that we’ve learned by working with some of the world’s greatest brands:


How To Wash Bras

When we think about the importance of washing lingerie correctly, it’s never more important than with bras.

That’s because they can lose their shape easily. The elastic can wear out and any underwire can eventually push through the material encasing it. All these elements need to be looked after to ensure a bra keeps providing the optimum support.

Regular washing every few wears (2-3) is recommended, meaning Lady Bears will need enough of each colour and style to allow for rotation.

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Hand washing is by far the best method. It allows for gentle soaking (obviously using a gentle detergent, too) and rinsing in cooler water. Then simply hang to air-dry. Though do avoid bright sunlight, which can fade colours!

If you feel you have to machine wash, try to use a cool cycle with a gentle spin, while the bra is clasped shut but NEVER use the tumble dryer afterwards. The hot air can break down the spandex that gives bras their elasticity!


How To Wash Boxers and Knickers

Most basic every day underwear (unless specifically created for sport) is designed to be machine washable on a daily basis.

The natural materials like cotton cope best in medium-to-gentle cycles in water that isn’t hot, as this can break down the fibres and elastic. The labels will usually guide you as to the optimum suggested washing machine setting.

You’ll ideally want to wash these bottom-half underwear items after every wear as they will quickly get smelly, if not dirty.

Hand-washing is often the preferred method by designers, if you want the items to last longer, but regardless of your method a non-alcohol detergent is definitely advised. Not least because you wear these items close to your sensitive skin for long periods of time.

Again for drying, as with bras, hanging in shape to line dry would be the best idea for pants and boxers. Some every day items can be dried in a dryer on a cooler setting, but you should still check regularly for any loss of elasticity or shape.

This is why we usually recommend upgrading to new underwear at least every 6-9 months, to ensure you’re getting the optimum in support from your styles and fabrics.


How To Wash Lingerie

Of course we know that underwear and lingerie can be two different beasts.

This is especially true when it comes to maintenance and washing.

Lingerie sets will usually be made with less hardy materials such as silk or lace and include delicate features like bows. Silk should always be professionally dry cleaned where possible, and if not, then definitely hand-washed using cool water and a chlorine-free soap.

If your underwear is sturdy in shape and material but has delicate accent elements, using a laundry bag in the washing machine can prevent these from breaking off or getting caught up in other items of clothing.

Shapewear and control underwear is much like lingerie in its treatment, simply because the fibres involve a lot of elasticity. Therefore, shapewear should be treated like a more delicate garment; hand washed, in cool water with gentle detergent, and air-dried back into shape.

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Laundry Hygiene

Now we realise that much of this washing advice goes against hygiene information around the killing of germs, i.e. the higher the temperature, the better!

And this is true for many household items like towels and bedding, where washing at temperatures above 60 degrees can help to kill bacteria and dust mites.

With delicate lingerie and designer underwear however, it is equally valuable to soak and rinse items repeatedly, to leave them completely clean.


Tighty Whiteys!

Although 100% cotton undies can cope with some bleaching to remove stains and brighten the tones, we would advise you stay away from anything chlorine-related for all other underwear items!

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