5 Common Underwear Problems And How To Fix Them

Hello again Grizzlies and welcome back to the blog that gives back!

We’re busy at UtilityBear HQ getting our festive stock and promos sorted so keep your eyes peeled for our countdown deals. We’ve also welcomed some new designer brands to the stockroom this month so remember to sign up to our VIP newsletter to get all the latest styles and news straight to your inbox before anyone else.

French designer Lacoste joins UtilityBear.com

In the meantime, we thought we’d impart some more worldly wisdom that we’ve accumulated along the way on our adventure in designer underwear around the world.

This week, we’re tackling the five most common underwear problems (and don’t worry, we come bearing solutions!)


Wayward Waistbands

Maybe you’re finding unsightly indentation marks on you skins at the end of the day from a too-tight waistband. Or perhaps the once taut elasticated waistband is now lacking the hold it used to give you. Either way, this is normally a sign that the fit of your underpants are no longer a good fit for you. A simple size-up will avoid marks and chafing, whereas new elasticated microfibre waistbands and synthetic-blend materials will stretch to your shape and give you the support you need.

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Hot Pants

If you’re literally feeling too warm down below – especially if you’re sweating before you even make it inside the gym – then it could be a sign that your underwear is trapping moisture too easily. Cotton is often chosen as a natural fibre, soft against the skin, but actually cotton absorbs moisture. What you really need is breathable materials that are moisture-wicking. Temperature is particularly important for male groins as heat can affect important health issues like fertility.

Wedgie Warfare

There’s nothing worse than finding yourself in a constant wedge battle with your knickers. It’s not just an uncomfortable situation – but one that is awkward to try to fix, especially in public places. With proper fitting underwear, the dreaded wedgie should never happen to you. If it strikes you regularly, particularly in boxers or trunks, in can be caused by a lack of elasticity in the leg bands to keep them in place and in shape.

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Itchy and Scratchy

Aside from health issues, the most common cause of itching in the nether regions is in fact due to the washing detergent we use on our clothes. Many brands of laundry detergent have high levels of things like perfume or cleaning chemicals. The best way to avoid this is to opt for a hypoallergenic product where possible, preferably non-perfumed and ideally made for sensitive skin; which is exactly what your private parts consist of!

Drawer Dilemma

Most lady bears will know this pain, as will some grizzly men-folk. When you’ve picked the perfect outfit to suit your mood, the weather and the occasion – one that will make you feel your best… but you can’t wear it because the specific underwear you need to go with it is in the laundry. Thats why we often suggest buying at least 3 sets of everything you might need from colour combinations of whites, blacks and nudes, to a selection of shapes in items like briefs and bras that will sit seamlessly beneath your clothes and give you the hidden support you need to look your best.

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So look after your “bear bums” Grizzlies!

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