8 Funny Books About Pants for World Book Day!


Happy World Book Day!

And Happy 20th Anniversary to the World Book Day crew! What an achievement that this UNESCO recognised holiday is now celebrated in 100 countries around the world.

We love a good book here at Utility Bear Towers. Some of the best books we know feature grizzlies… from The Jungle Book to Goldilocks. Classics.

But we spend most of our time these days nose-deep in designer fashion look books.

So, as we are the purveyors of all that is great in the designer underwear world, we thought what better way to celebrate #WorldBookDay20 than with a run-down of our Top Eight Underwear-Related Books.

Because let’s be honest, anything pants, knickers or bums-related is entertaining for parents and bear cubs alike!


Pants Books For Baby Bear Cubs



PANTS is a funny rhyming picture book written by Giles Andreae featuring lots of hilarious pictures by Nick Sharratt, where all the people (and things) are sporting some very groovy underwear!




One Big Pair Of Underwear is a New York Times Bestseller (yes, really!) Written by Laura Gehl, it tells the story featuring our favourite animals (bears) who hate to share. A funny picture bed for little cubs to enjoy before bed.




Ants In Your Pants was an award-winning bestseller by children’s author Julia Jarman and cute illustrations from Guy Parker-Rees. Who wouldn’t laugh at ants biting bottoms at a birthday party? Don’t worry though, Mr Aardvark saves the day!


Pants Books For Little Bear Cubs


Spongebob Squarepants’ crazy comedy is a hit with slightly older children, and the “I Ripped My Pants!” episode was such a hit that it has since been turned into YouTube videos, novels and activity books with stickers and colouring games, just like this one.




The Adventures of Captain Underpants written by Dav Pilkey became such a hit with kids that it is now a series of books. Captain Underpants is the superhero invented by young boys George and Harold who bring him to life with plenty of humorous consequences!



For little nippers who prefer a funny poem or rhyming limerick to a full story or novel, then the now-famous “Underwear Salesman” book is perfect for them. The poems by J. Patrick Lewis take children on a fun journey learning about different jobs (FYI we think underwear salesman is the best job, obv!)


Pants Books For Teenage Bear Cubs



“Angus, Thongs and Full Frontal Snogging” is a now-famous coming of age tale full of comedy and life lessons, written by Louise Rennison many years ago – though it has now become a classic. It’s a brilliantly funny journey through teenage angst!



OK we’re cheating with this one, as the pants in the title refers to a pair of jeans… however  we couldn’t leave it out. Ann Brashares “Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants” coming-of-age series is a New York Times number one bestseller and was then made into a movie starring some teen star favourites like Blake Lively and America Ferrera.


And when you’ve had enough of reading about pants you can pop along to UtilityBear.com and buy some fancy ones! We’ve even got a cute range of mini Calvin Kleins for the bear cubs to enjoy too…


Loungewear Gets Sexy

We say loungewear, you say…

comfy? Lazy? Sunday spent at home?

What you probably don’t say is “latest celeb fashion trend.”

However since back in 2012, celebrities have been bucking the trend and bringing the indoors outdoors, making pyjamas and loungewear a legitimate fashion statement.

Of course, only certain brands, styles and patterns make it to the “acceptable outside” list, and obviously we stock them all here at UtilityBear.com!

Lounge Pants


Miranda Kerr is just one of many celebs making a statement in comfy pants – from the quirky patterns to travel long haul to the sports/yoga style for a morning at the park with the kiddies; these cool bottoms are no longer confined to days spent house cleaning or hungover-at-home.

And with some tailored cuts and cute styles from the likes of Tommy Hilfiger and their Iconic Cotton Long Pant, we’re glad this moment has come because it would simply be a waste if no one saw them!

Buy Now





And not of the “sweaty running” variety. No, stars such as Rihanna have been rocking the jogger look in recent years. Sometimes it’s a simple tee or hoodie combo to get to the gym or rehearsals, but more impressive is their integration into urban night-time style.

You could team these Jockey Off-White Melange Jogger Pants with a satin bomber jacket and high heeled boots for a new take on the utility sports luxe trends.

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Yoga Pants


Ah, the humble yoga pant. No longer confined to the mirrored dance studio or gym-selfie, celebrities like Jessica Alba are regularly papped in a yoga pant ensemble, giving them that just-about-to-work-out look so popular among modern students and mums alike.

And what’s not to love about these Tommy Hilfiger Fitness Cropped Leggings? A stretchy tencel fabric blend for a supportive, stretchy fit and a beautiful navy for all seasons.

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Sexy Pyjamas


Pajamas/Pyjamas/PJs/Jim Jams… call them what you like, but they have never really entered the real of fashion, despite many designer catwalk and celebrity attempts to make it so. But step in the new era of pyjamas – the slinky, designed pyjama pant, a la Rosie Huntington Whitely.

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To achieve this look yourself Calvin Klein have brought out a beautiful set this season, with loungewear top to match. The Seductive Comfort Lace Trim pant will make you feel as comfy as home when you’re out and about (and looking chic while you do it!)

Hooray for Hoodies


Hoodies used to be a symbol of teenage rebellion (so much so they were almost banned from retail stores and public places back in the noughties!) But now, celerities are rocking oversized sweaters and hoodies as the acceptable “off day” get up to hid your sins and give your body  a Sunday break from being pushed in, pushed up and taped on a Saturday night!

Buy Now

Alessandra Ambrosio perfectly captures the trend and the trick, it seems, is to purposely buy a man’s oversized jacket/jumper to give the best effect. Look no further than our Tommy Hilfiger Cotton Blend Hoodie for the ultimate comfort and cut!


So stick with us at Utility Bear for all your designer loungewear, pyjama and underwear needs…

Our 10 Favourite Celeb Underwear Quotes

We look to celebrities for advice on everything from what they’re eating to the latest exercise craze, even when we shouldn’t.

But here at UtilityBear we’re only interested in underwear, of the designer kind. So we wondered what some of our favourite celebrities thought about undergarments in general.

Here’s our Top Ten Favourite Celebrity Underwear quotes:

Jamie Dornan hails from Northern Ireland. So do we. Coincidence? We think not:


Jamie used to date our favourite “Friend” many moons ago. But we defy him, or anyone, to make underwear look good as they grow older, like Ms Aniston can:


We think this was possibly a chat-up line, Wills, and it clearly flew right over your head:


Now Miranda Kerr knows a lot about underwear, seeing she made her name modelling it in a very famous runway show (whose brand shall remain nameless because… we don’t sell it):


Puff Daddy… Diddy… Sean… we’re not sure what to call him now. But we’re guessing he gives Tom Jones a run for his money in the stage bras department:


The second-youngest of the Kardashian-Jenner clan also made her name as a human clothes horse. We agree with her that underwear is very fun, even if it’s just you and your hairbrush dancing in the mirror! …Just us? Oh, OK…


Elder sister Khloe goes on to explain where their obsession with half-nakedness originated: #ParentingWin


Yes Rachel. Like how often they do their laundry. And whether or not they appreciate the talent of matching. Personally, we don’t trust folk who don’t:


Poor Stan. The King of Marvel may appear to have everything a man could want in life. But no one buys him novelty underwear and pyjamas at Christmas. So sad:


Is this even a thing? Someone tell Ms Hudson, before she starts to smell:


If the celebs have put you in the mood for some designer underwear shopping of your own, then we wouldn’t want to coerce you. We’ll just leave this here… www.utilitybear.com 


Our Five Favourite Underwear Blogs


At Utility Bear we try hard to not only curate the best of designer underwear from around the world, but to bring you something more.

Here on our blog, we want to show you the latest styles, share our advice and tips, provide helpful gift and sizing guides, and just be all-round helpful little bears!

But we also have a few places we look to for our own advice and inspiration. So let us share with you our Five Favourite Underwear Blogs that we love on the Interwebs!


1 The Underwear Expert Blog

The Underwear Expert is probably one of the famous underwear blogs on the planet. They now specialise in curated underwear box deliveries, a bit like beauty perk boxes, but for people who love undies like us!


The Underwear Expert blog is primarily aimed at the Grizzlie boy bears with more of a fashion-spread type style and look book collection of the latest designers and the seasonal trends, for those who really want to stay ahead of the fashion pack.


2 The Lingerie Addict Blog

Cora Harrington is our favourite Lady Bear. And we don’t just mean because she is beautiful (although she is that, too).



Cora blogs over at The Lingerie Addict and has done so for close to a decade, making her the undoubted Queen of everything lingerie from design and manufacturing, to trends and LGBQT sections.


3 Big Cup Little Cup

Run by Sian (Big Cup) and Char (Little Cup), this UK-based blog talks all things bra fitting and lingerie styles, holding a special place in our big furry hearts at Utility Bear!


In the Christmas of 2015 – our first festive period in business – Sian and Char featured a taste of our selection of designer underwear in their Cyber Monday sale guide. They were the Mummy Bears to our Baby Bears and we have loved them ever since!


4 Invest In Your Chest

Invest In Your Chest began life in 2010 when blogger Cheryl experienced a less-than-staisfactory bra-fitting service in a high street store.


With that in mind, this underwear blog focuses mainly on problem sizing, particularly for people with small backs and larger cup sizes, like Cheryl. We love specialist information at Utility Bear too, with some of our brands catering to smaller body shapes and others, like Fantasie, aimed at larger busts.


5 Knickerbocker Stories

First up: what a great name for a blog, eh! And this one is a little bit different…


Most underwear blogs focus on a advice and style pics from others designers (like we do), however Karolina Laskowska designs her own collection of extravagant lingerie and her lingerie blog is a fascinating look behind the scenes of what it takes to produce your own lingerie line!


Are there any cracking blogs we’ve missed? Do let us know your favourites! 

And don’t forget to stop by UtilityBear.com to see the latest designer brands and styles winging their way to our underwear fans this season!

Top Iconic Underwear Moments


At UtilityBear.com, our cubs are forever hunting the globe to find the latest and greatest in designer underwear, lingerie and accessories for you Grizzlies and Lady Bears worldwide.

So it’s safe to say, we know a thing or two about undies.

But sometimes we like to take a break from the hard work of making bear-angels on our designer-goodies-covered-stockroom floor and have some fun.

Today, we’re counting down our favourite pop culture underwear moments, that have made it to icon status in the last 100 years…


1955: The ultimate flash moment; Marilyn Monroe made subway fashion faux pas look good when she stood atop the New York City grate in The Seven Year Itch. (She wore two pairs of knickers to protect her modesty!)


1978: The pyjama party in cult classic teenage musical Grease has spawned a thousand imitations, from Marty’s glamorous red kimono to Rizzo’s boyfriend T-shirt and even Sandy’s floor length cotton dressing gown.


1983: There have been many a movie scene involving men dancing in their tight-whities (it almost makes us think there must be some truth to the scenario…) But the Tom Cruise Old Time Rock & Roll dance in Risky Business propelled this particular actor into the Hollywood stratosphere.


1983: In the same year, a female actress would also shock us on the Silver Screen, as Carrie Fisher brought some iconic bikini action to the Sci-Fi hit Star Wars. It would eventually go down in Hollywood history, destined to be Cosplayed forever more.


1990: Decades after women thought they’d finally is themselves of the scourge of the 1950s pointed bra, pop Queen Madonna wore her famous Jean Paul Gaultier conical brassiere on her Blonde Ambition tour and, arguably, started the “underwear as outerwear” fashion trend.


1992: We wrote a feature piece  on the blog about the journey of Calvin Klein as an iconic brand when we launched their line of products on our site in 2016. But it was the now-famous pairing of Marky Mark and (then fledgling model) Kate Moss in their branded waistbands that really kicked things off.


1994: Supermodel Eva Herzigova said “Hello Boys” on billboards across the land and a nation of both men, and women, fell in love with the now wardrobe-staple that is the plunge push-up bra.


2001: Bridget Jones’s Diary the book – and then the movie franchise – brought a liberation rebellion of sorts to modern women’s underwear when it mocked the “big pants” movement of single women everywhere.


2004: Janet Jackson. Superbowl. We probably don’t need to say anymore, infamous has this moment become in Pop Culture history. Suffice to say, it’s probably still not a good idea to flash your boob in front of a few million people on TV.


Whether you need new “Bridget Jones” pants or a sexy “Hello Boys” bra, or if you just want to dance about your house in your underpants like Tom Cruise… you’ll find all your undergarment essentials at UtilityBear.com!

8 Fun Facts for National Underwear Day

Happy National Underwear Day!

The day dedicated to all things undies.

Underwear: the first thing we put on in the morning and the last thing we take off at night.

They support us, flatter us, protect us and comfort us.

No wonder underwear is our favourite here at UtilityBear.com!

So in honour of this most fun of national holidays, and to celebrate a host of new designer underwear stock lines on our website, we wanted to bring you some of our favourite fun facts about everyone’s favourite “smalls”…


Married People Have Cleaner Underwear


No really, it’s a fact, the research says so. Granted they difference between the single folk and the married bears is small, but it’s still there.

Having someone at home everyday to impress with your nice new underwear is obviously a pretty good incentive for keeping those knickers clean!

The Egyptians Loved Underwear, Too


145 pairs, people! OK, he was a King and by their nature, Kings can go a bit overboard when it comes to possessions (I mean who needs a Gold coffin when you’re partying with the angels, right?)

But even in the earliest days of civilisation, humans understood the worth of a good pair of quality undies, and Tut wanted to make sure he had all his favourites with him in the afterlife!


Most Victoria Secret Models Are Brazilian!


It’s one of the most famous lingerie brands across the globe, almost mores for its annual catwalk show than for the underwear on the models themselves.

But incase you were wondering which country produces the most Angel-worthy ladies, then the answer is the Southern American capital. That’s next year’s holiday sorted then!


Americans Own A Lot Of Underwear


Like, 21 pairs a lot. That’s three weeks worth of fresh pants at any given moment, when we’ve all only got the one butt.

But then, this is a conundrum we understand at Utility Bear – there’s just too many great styles, new patterns and different fits to seriously choose between them!


Italians Wear Red Underwear For Luck


At least, the women do. And only on New Year’s Eve.But it’s an interesting idea.

Many people have a lucky pair of pants that they were to job interviews, sports games or – dare we say it – on a first date. If you haven’t picked your lucky colour yet, we’d take a leaf out of the boot-shaped-country’s book!


People Buy Royal Old Underwear


Unlike Tutankhamen, Queen Victoria wasn’t buried with her undies.

Somehow, someone got a hold of them. Maybe they found them somewhere. We don’t have all the details… ANYWAY, they decided to sell them at auction. And someone paid almost £10,000 for them. Crikey!


Underwear World Record Holder


In 2010, a ten year old boy in New York decided his life’s work to that point could be more meaningful and he took it upon himself to become a record holder!

215 pairs of trunks later, and Jack holds the World Record for the most underwear worn at any one time. Someone even filmed it. But we didn’t post the images because, well Jack is 16 now and he may regret his decision…


Underwear As Outerwear Isn’t New


Everyone from Kim Kardashian to Gigi Hadid is doing it, but the fashion trend of underwear as outerwear that rose to prominence last season is far from a new idea.

Famed French lady Marie Antoinette was apparently the first to don her frillies in public – much to the scandal of the French court at the time – when she wore her chemise as a fashionable dress outside the bedroom!


Put The Fun Into Your Underwear

Whether you’re married and in need of more fresh pairs, or you’re looking for that perfect elusive red lucky pair, you can shop for all the latest designer boxers, trunks, bras, socks and accessories at UtilityBear.com 

(And you won’t have to pay ten grand at auction, either!)

The Power of Calvin Klein

It’s ironic that the same brand who promoted “going commando” in a nothing-comes-between-me-and-my-calvins jeans advert would became the same brand to make designer underwear the fashion norm a mere two years later.

Ironic, or just plain brilliant.

That is the power of Calvin Klein.

And we’re buzzing to announce that this iconic brand has landed at Utility Bear!


The History of Calvin Klein

With just one image (of Olympic pole-vaulter Tomás Hintnaus in Santorini) Calvin Klein thrust the traditional Y-front underwear from a boring clothing necessity to a fashion must-have of iconic proportions.

The posters were stolen overnight from the 25 New York bus shelters they appeared in and stores couldn’t keep their stock at a level to deal with consumer demand.

To this day, the logo-emblazoned waistband remains a pop culture staple. The recent campaign hashtag #mycalvins has garnered 300,000+ user generated photos online featuring everyone from celebrities to us mere mortals.

Speaking of celebrities, since the 1980s every big name in the game has been lining up to feature in a Calvin Klein commercial. Who can forget the pairing of budding rapper Mark “Marky Mark” Wahlberg and his co-star, Kate Moss (then 17) in 1992?


Images that have gone down in fashion history. The star of the campaign may have been in the entertainment industry but the technical man behind the product form would change underwear fashion forever – as Calvin Klein’s head of menswear design from 1990-95, John Varvatos was pioneering the “boxer brief” hybrid.

The brand, their hybrid style innovation and cutting-edge campaigns remain lusted after to this day.

Calvin Klein Brand Partnerships

The brand’s innovation and commitment to the underwear movement continued into the new century, when in 2002 the first ever 6-figure contract for a men’s underwear model was given to CK-bearing Australian Travis Fimmel. A succession of famous footballing faces followed, with Swede Freddie Ljungberg becoming one of the most famous campaigns of the decade.


The brand, style and cutting-edge campaigns remain lusted after to this day.

Calvin Klein: The Modern Day Classic

And as the latest campaign starring uber stars like Justin Bieber and Kendall Jenner prove; the popularity of the simple CK brief hasn’t waned even as the brand enters middle-age (celebrating their 30th anniversary in 2011).


And simple briefs they are. In design, structure and comfort.

The styles have become a classic brand unto themselves, often copied but never fully matched. And seemingly impossible to improve, as little has changed beyond fabric technology and poster faces over the decades.

The allure of Calvin Klein underwear for both women and men remains devoid of the need for “bells and whistles.” There’s no lace, no detailing, nothing that takes away from the natural fit and athleticism of the human body.

Yet Calvin Klein remains the epitome of sexy underwear.

Proudly American, steeped in history, with a name band that imbues quality, effortless style and timeless design that has remained at the forefront of the industry for over three decades;

That’s why we all love Calvin Klein underwear!

In 2011, global sales for men’s and women’s Calvin Klein Underwear achieved more than one billion dollars at retail. The lines are available in thousands of points of sale worldwide.

And now, Calvin Klein underwear is available to shop online right here with us, at UtilityBear.com 

Nylon Stockings – A Fun History Lesson

Happy Nylon Stockings Day!

Wondering why there is even an unofficial holiday dedicated to such a thing?

Wonder no more!


As grizzly purveyors of all that is good in the underwear, loungewear and accessory worlds, we bears happen to a know a thing or two about good leg coverings…

Aristoc Stockings and Tights

Our current brand buddies, Aristoc, appear on our site in both Sensuous stockings and traditional tight form.


Trends come and go, but with accessories, hosiery has stayed a firm favourite from the old to the young.

It wasn’t always this way, though. In fact, before the 1800’s and the fashionable boom in breeches, it was the men bears who wore the tights!

Aristoc modern stockings are knitted using high quality yarns and then hand finished, still consisting of 86% Nylon, the revolutionary Wallace Carothers invention that changed ladies underwear forever in 1939…

The Nylon Revolution

By the end of 1940 over 64 million pairs had been sold!

FUN FACT: That same year, nylon appeared in The Wizard of Oz movie – it was used to create the tornado that carried Dorothy’s house from Kansas.

The new nylon stockings were commonly known as “nylons”. This new material brought stocking joy to the leg masses, after decades of silk stockings making the lingerie accessory a rare luxury for the wealthy.


Stockings Through The Decades

The rationing of World War II made stockings elusive once more, as the material was needed to produce parachutes, ropes and tyres. Women took to staining their legs (a la self-tanning) and drawing a pencil line down the backs of their legs so it would look like they were wearing them!

After a nationwide campaign, many women handed in their spare and used stockings to help in the war effort.

DuPont’s Lycra invention in the Fifties was yet another game-changer, when the stretch he could now add to nylon improved the fit and comfort of hosiery.

More developments came in the roaring Sixties, when a British brand brought the “hold-up” stocking to market so women could finally throw away suspender belts and the bulges they made underneath the short, tight fashion of the decade.

Stockings Versus Pantyhose

As the hemlines grew higher and higher, however, hold up stockings weren’t enough. And so came the introduction of tights (or Pantyhose as they were called in the US). Nowadays we’re used to a wide selection of tights, from bold colours and patterns to variations in shine, thickness (known as the “denier”) and material. We owe this to the Flower Power colourfulness of the 1970s.

With this development, we were introduced to seam-free stockings for the first time.


Stocking Lingo!

Here’s a brief run-down to help you shop for the best hosiery for your paws:

Pantyhose: sheer, close-fitting, cover the body from waist to feet

Stockings: also close-fitting, elastic garment covers just the foot and lower leg

Thigh Highs: very similar to stockings but thigh highs have two silicone bands on the top inside rim to keep them up without a garter belt

Tights:tight, stretchable, covers the body from the waist down

Leggings: similar to tights except without feet

Opaque: Hosiery that is made of yarn with a heavier appearance (usually 40 denier+)

Sheer: Hosiery that is see-through (usually <30 denier)

Fishnets:a wide knit like a fish net

Seamed:with a seam running up the back of the leg

Of course, in the colder Winter months, stockings won’t cut it in the leg-warming department and for that, we stock Tommy Hilfiger designer Winter 100 Denier tights!

In fact, you’ll find every style of hosiery, lingerie and designer underwear you need at UtilityBear.com 

Best Socks For Running


It’s Marathon Season!

We’ve just had the Lion Foundation Marathon in New Zealand and the London Marathon in the UK, but next month (June) is a veritable marathon-lover’s paradise.

From the Harmony Geneva in Switzerland, to the Maastricht in Belgium, from the Great Wall Marathon in China to the Rio Marathon in Brazil, next month will see runners across the globe take to the streets for their ultimate personal running challenge.

We’re urging grizzlies around the globe to remember their feet when it comes to prepping for one of the greatest personal challenges a human can take on…



Marathon Training

Marathon training involves a range of preparation. Amateurs and professionals alike will spend months working on their physical and mental fitness as well as their nutrition.

Marathon runners will sports choose clothing to suit the weather, their own body shape, perspiration levels and personal comfort.

Women will look for support in particular, like our new range of Active Sonic Underwired Sports Bras from Freya that just arrived online!

The Sonic UW moulded sports bra offers you complete freedom of movement with the confidence to match, with its breathable spacer fabric.


Men, too, will be considering breathable underwear like the famous Jockey Microfibre Active Trunks (RRP £21.99) with a quick dry microfiber fabric blend of 92% Polyamide, 8% Elastane and mesh panels allowing the skin to breathe:


But when all is said and done bears, if your feet decide they can’t go on, then you can’t finish the race!

And so another key element of preparing to complete such a fete successfully in the sports clothing department involves focussing on the part of the body doing the heavy lifting: the feet:


Looking After The Paws

Even though many runners will prepare their bodies to the fullest, and they will also ensure they have the best running shoes for their foot arch, stride length and impact weight, surprisingly little thought is given to the humble sock!

And yet you’ll not want just any ordinary sock for long-distance running. Oh no!

You need to think about elements such as:

  • Long-lasting materials for durability and natural wool for the cold
  • However you’ll want those mixed with synthetic fibres, to cope with perspiration and chafing
  • You will also be looking at shape to avoid rubbing or friction that might cause blisters
  • Sock height is also a consideration – choosing a height to avoid blisters on the Achilles, while taller crew socks or knee socks are needed to protect your calves if you’re running a trail marathon for example
  • There are even socks with extra padding or arch support built-in (but remember that thickness will increase the temperature inside your shoe!)

Surprisingly, despite them being marketed as “trainer socks” the commonly-recognised shorter style is more suited to short distance jogging and generic sports than long-distance endurance running. Like these cotton-blend Tommy Hilfiger trainer liner socks below (RRP £9.99).



What Socks Are Best For Running A Marathon?

The same considerations you give to clothing will apply to socks for running.

If you’re completing a Winter Marathon, then you’ll want to invest in quality wool socks, like those from 250-year-old brand Wolsey.

They have been famous for their thermal wear since the days of the Explorers (Wolsey underwear was chosen by both Captan Scott AND Norwegian Roald Amundsen for the 1911 race to reach the South Pole!)

We have a range of Wolsey underwear, socks and thermals online for the adventurers among you!

It’s not just the cold you have to prepare for, though.

Running in hot weather will lead to sweating and sweating leads to chafing. This is actually made worse by natural cotton socks because they soak the moisture rather than waking it away from the feet allowing them to dry, the way socks made from combinations of acrylic, spandex or polyester do.



Pringle’s Sports Socks are a great all-rounder (RRP £10.00).

A  high quality sock that provides maximum comfort and performance for any sport.

The cotton-rich material and added Lycra ensures sweat is fully absorbed, keeping feet fresh and avoiding blisters.

The socks also have in-built cushioning to protect the foot.


How To Choose Socks For Running

The best advice for choosing socks to run in is to test a variety of shapes and thickness, practicing the run distance in your chosen trainers for the big day, testing each sock in advance.

Also make sure to try the socks in both dry and wet weather as rainfall can affect how they feel, while hot weather and sweating could change how well your feet cope pounding mile after mile.

Admittedly, some bears have no desire to run. But for those who love nothing more than the buzz of running in the open air and beating our personal best, marathons are the ultimate test.

So be sure to kit your body with the best running clothing and accessories with us at UtilityBear.com


5 Pieces Of Underwear You Should Throw Out Today!


Underwear spring cleaning is one of those things we all worry about, but no-one quite knows ‘the rules’…

You ask yourself “how long have I had this?”, “when was the last time I wore that?” or the worst offender; “are those even mine?!”

And then there are the sins we can’t excuse. The favourite boxers with the hole in them, the bra with the wiring poking out, the elastic hanging by a thread.

If you haven’t thrown those out, you should hide your bear head in shame!

Of course there is a get-out clause with some of our favourite undies and it comes down to one word: frequency – the frequency with which you wash it, and the frequency with which you wear it. Some items will wear out quickly from a lot of use, and others that are kept for special occasions (i.e. the frilly, expensive ones!) well they can last a long time if they’re well cared for.

With that in mind, you can’t just do a once-a-year clear out like you might do with the garage or your attic.

But likewise, having too much in your underwear drawer is a recipe for wearing out the same old favourites, and forgetting about what you have altogether!

The Utility Bears are here to help this year’s Spring (Cupboard) Clean with some tips on the underwear to dump pronto:


Anything stained, discoloured or ripped

As in, you’ve tried everything and there’s still a strange looking patch of colour lingering. Yuck.

If the item is intact and in decent condition, then as long as you’re regularly washing it (at least once a month in a hot wash, despite what we know is better for the environment!) then it should be OK to keep, for occasions like female periods when you don’t want to risk staining new underwear.

Try the colourful styles from Bjorn Borg and replace those stains with the latest designs!


Over-stretched elastic

Years of wear and tear can turn a pair of boxers into a very sorry sight!

If the fabric on your undies has worn, torn or the seam stitching is gone, then it’s time to let them go.

Not least because they will no longer be functioning as a piece of “support wear” which is, after all, half their job.

Seams that cut off circulation

It’s not enjoyable to go about your daily business with wire poking from a bra or trunks that are too tight around the waist or leg.

If your underwear has got to the point of no longer fitting well or being plain uncomfortable, then just bin it.

Aside from the sheer annoyance of it, remember that anything ill-fitting probably affects the way your clothes look on top of it, too.

Badly-fitting bras

Breast shape and size actually changes more throughout a woman’s life than most lady bears realise.

And  a change in shape requires a change in the support needed. This can mean a bra that was once a perfect fit could start causing back pain, and even saggy boobs. Watch for issues like skin spillage, ill-fitting bands and pain around the underwire, which are all signs that a bra has become too small.

Try the extreme comfort of the Sloggi Evernew range, which promises a lifetime’s guarantee!


Your “skinny” underwear

As like with clothes, no-one benefits from the daily self-loathing inflicted by the reminder of a wardrobe of things you can’t wear, getting you down before you’ve even started your day.

You don’t need that kind of negativity in your life!

Get with the times

If you can’t remember the last time you bought new underwear then it’s time to replace some of your trusty ol’ favourites with a few new shapes, fabrics and patterns.

There have been major improvements in underwear in recent times, from breathable fabrics, to new sport technology and higher quality design and fitting.

You might find something that works better for you and looks better on you!

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