Loungewear Gets Sexy

We say loungewear, you say…

comfy? Lazy? Sunday spent at home?

What you probably don’t say is “latest celeb fashion trend.”

However since back in 2012, celebrities have been bucking the trend and bringing the indoors outdoors, making pyjamas and loungewear a legitimate fashion statement.

Of course, only certain brands, styles and patterns make it to the “acceptable outside” list, and obviously we stock them all here at UtilityBear.com!

Lounge Pants


Miranda Kerr is just one of many celebs making a statement in comfy pants – from the quirky patterns to travel long haul to the sports/yoga style for a morning at the park with the kiddies; these cool bottoms are no longer confined to days spent house cleaning or hungover-at-home.

And with some tailored cuts and cute styles from the likes of Tommy Hilfiger and their Iconic Cotton Long Pant, we’re glad this moment has come because it would simply be a waste if no one saw them!

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And not of the “sweaty running” variety. No, stars such as Rihanna have been rocking the jogger look in recent years. Sometimes it’s a simple tee or hoodie combo to get to the gym or rehearsals, but more impressive is their integration into urban night-time style.

You could team these Jockey Off-White Melange Jogger Pants with a satin bomber jacket and high heeled boots for a new take on the utility sports luxe trends.

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Yoga Pants


Ah, the humble yoga pant. No longer confined to the mirrored dance studio or gym-selfie, celebrities like Jessica Alba are regularly papped in a yoga pant ensemble, giving them that just-about-to-work-out look so popular among modern students and mums alike.

And what’s not to love about these Tommy Hilfiger Fitness Cropped Leggings? A stretchy tencel fabric blend for a supportive, stretchy fit and a beautiful navy for all seasons.

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Sexy Pyjamas


Pajamas/Pyjamas/PJs/Jim Jams… call them what you like, but they have never really entered the real of fashion, despite many designer catwalk and celebrity attempts to make it so. But step in the new era of pyjamas – the slinky, designed pyjama pant, a la Rosie Huntington Whitely.

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To achieve this look yourself Calvin Klein have brought out a beautiful set this season, with loungewear top to match. The Seductive Comfort Lace Trim pant will make you feel as comfy as home when you’re out and about (and looking chic while you do it!)

Hooray for Hoodies


Hoodies used to be a symbol of teenage rebellion (so much so they were almost banned from retail stores and public places back in the noughties!) But now, celerities are rocking oversized sweaters and hoodies as the acceptable “off day” get up to hid your sins and give your body  a Sunday break from being pushed in, pushed up and taped on a Saturday night!

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Alessandra Ambrosio perfectly captures the trend and the trick, it seems, is to purposely buy a man’s oversized jacket/jumper to give the best effect. Look no further than our Tommy Hilfiger Cotton Blend Hoodie for the ultimate comfort and cut!


So stick with us at Utility Bear for all your designer loungewear, pyjama and underwear needs…

6 Things To Cheer You Up in January!

Well wasn’t Christmas fun?!

We love all the eating, drinking and sheer merriment mixed in with a big dose of HIBERNATION in front of a roaring fire.

But alas, it must end, as it does every year. January comes and brings with it sales (hooray!) so check out UtilityBear.com for our New Year offers if you’re shopping!

However, if you’re feeling too down of spirit to get out and about, then fear not, we’ve compiled our list of top 6 things that will cheer you through the supposedly “saddest” month of the year…


To Feel Better About Yourself…

Sometimes you don’t need a person, or place, as an excuse to just treat yourself.

A new piece of designer underwear underneath even the wooliest of Winter jumpers will make you feel a bit more motivated to attack the day with attitude.

And Tommy Hilfiger brought us the very sets for this at Christmas when they introduced the perfect mix of comfort and style in their new lace bras and briefs:

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Motivation To Hit The Gym…

Sometimes it only takes some cool new gym kit and we suddenly feel better about that 5am alarm call on a cold, dark morning.

HOM to the rescue then, with their new Performance Explorer Trunks that don’t just look good – they come with the latest technology to help you feel good too:

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To Look Good At The Gym…

As if the famous Calvin Klein Bralette couldn’t get any better (it was basically the blogger/celebrity underwear item of the year in 2016!) they’re back with a bang in 2017.

Although it’s not a structured fitness garment, wear the new silver to and from the gym and you’ll feel as funky-fit as you hope to be really soon:

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To Impress The New Year Lady Bears…

Perhaps finding the perfect mate is on your to-do list in 2017?

Well you’d do well to impress in some of the underwear styles we have coming up the lines!

This slick pair from Tommy Hilfiger are one of our favourites just now, and they even come in a gift box, in case it’s your Best-Bear-Buddy who needs a nudge in the right direction with his resolution efforts:

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To Look Forward To Spring…

It isn’t that far away you know, we’re on our way to sunny days, flowers and a literal spring in our big bear steps!

We can see the Spring colour scheme already coming through with brands like Bjorn Borg bringing us dark pastels and brighter check patterns in their popular boxer trunk multipacks:

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Or Curl Up And Keep Hibernating…

Our brand friends know us too well.

Yes us bears like a Winter Party as much as a Summer Picnic, but we also like to chill out too.

So if you’re not up to anymore festivities. If you can’t face tackling the New Year Resolutions just yet, then grab one of our cosy pyjama sets, like this one from Jockey, and just ride that January wave in comfort and style:

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