The Future of Underwear: in 2017

Happy New Year Grizzlies!

We hope January has been good to you. It’s been good to us.

The cubs at the UtilityBear warehouse have packed more designer sale items than ever before, sent around the globe, with love to all of you!

Of course this time of year the world of fashion is gearing up for Spring Fashion Weeks and a sneak peek at the latest trends. And while the same happens for undies and swimwear, what interests us more is the technicality behind the latest designs.

2017 is the year underwear goes futuristic!

And not in a spaceman way – although that would be pretty cool too, right? No we’re talking about new technologies, production advancements and cool new designs. Pants are becoming Smartypants!

If you want to be ahead of the pack then you’ve come to the right place. Seeing as we’ve educated you on the history of underwear, now let us take you on a tour of where underwear and lingerie is headed in 2017… AND BEYOND!

Scaffolding Smalls

Enhancing underwear isn’t just for lady bears.

For the last decade we’ve seen huge advancements in the technology behind what is now affectionately known as “Undie Armour.” Control wear and shape wear started with Spanx and their revolutionary body stockings and has since moved on to slimline, seamless materials incorporated into stunning lingerie designs and everyday wear.

But for too long, the men-folk were forgotten. The focus was on comfort, not style. Until now. We’re seeing a rise in pouch-enhancing technology and designs, aimed primarily at making you look your best when wearing only your boxers, with a helpful lift up and out where it counts! Check out newcomer brand Bjorn Borg for some serious-scaffolding-seam action:

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Genital-Friendly Gym Gear

The majority of modern advancements have come in the field of fabric technology. Big brands are now incorporating moisture wicking capabilities as standard, even in day wear ranges.

But as fans of a good burst of physical exercise ourselves (well, sometimes), we have been super impressed with the performance designs that arrive into us each week. From Jockey Sport’s microfibre range providing breathability and moisture regulation to HOM’s performance trunks that allow the skin to breathe, avoid overheating and a dries quickly, you’ll never again have to worry about the nether regions when working out!

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Forever Frillies

In times gone by designer brands who were confident in the quality of their products would offer a returns policy should anything fall short on customer satisfaction.

Brand whizz kids Sloggi have taken it even further with their Evernew Range. Having invested for years in technology, design and durability, Sloggi are so confident in the endurance of their products that their latest guarantee is more than a return policy. It is completely unlimited and unconditional. Yes, really. They promise to stand behind every single product in the collection.

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If a product does not deliver on their quality promise, customers simply return it to them at any time for an exchange. It’s a game-changer.

But what underwear advancements are we still waiting on?

Sensory Smalls

Thanks to Nestle Fitness back in 2013, we’d already been introduced to the “tweeting bra” which raised awareness of breast cancer by tweeting each time the celebrity wearer unclasped her bra via a bluetooth sensor.

But now US army medical researchers are developing “smart underwear”with sensors hidden inside the waistbands. The sensors can track heart rate, body temperature and perspiration, and then send all the information back to a central monitor.

Of course in the army, the purpose is to judge which trainees are coping best under stress. But this technology could easily be used with gym-goers for example, bringing the training tracking off your arm or smartphone and straight into your training gear!

Goodbye FitBit, Hello FitBits!

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The Bridget Jones Effect: Big Pants You Are Beautiful!


The third movie instalment of Helen Fielding’s loveable character Bridget Jones Baby has maintained its place at the top of the cinema lists through out September.

But it seems that self-deprecation and and embarrassing moment humour weren’t the only crazes Bridget Jones made popular again.

If trends in the underwear industry are anything to go by, then big pants are back and they are beautiful!

Bridget Jones Big Pants

Of course when we think of embarrassing big knicker moments, Reneé Zellweger’s portrayal of Bridget in the famous “Hello Mummy” scene with Hugh Grant has no gone down in cinematic history.


The underwear shown in the film were a far cry from the glamorous or sexy lingerie one would want to be wearing should such a moment arise, but underwear brands have realised the reasons why so many women identified with Bridget’s plight:

We like comfortable underwear. So why not make it look good, too?!

At we work with some of the world’s biggest designer brands in underwear, swimwear and lingerie, and we have noticed an upward trend in the styles coming in over the 2016 seasons.

Knickers are getting bigger, utilising more comfortable fabrics, while still maintaining exciting colours and beautiful finishing details.

So we’ve curated some of the best here for you. No need to thank us ladies, we know the score!

Big Pants Can Be Sexy

One look at the latest Triumph Contouring Sensation Highwaist Panty Briefs and you may not recognise modern shareware for being just that – but it is!


Triumph are one of our favourite brands for shareware because they can do it with style and science! The new breed of Bridget Jones-style “Granny Panties” have come a long way from the big, baggy styles and don’t possess the rigid lines of the first wave of control wear we saw a decade ago.

When it comes to everyday comfort though, we always say you can’t go wrong with a pair of Sloggi briefs. They come in all shapes and sizes for whatever the day will throw at you, but their latest range of Laser Cut Light Hipster Pants are as beautiful as they are impressive.

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The light series uses laser cut technology for a seamless, comfortable design, while the sparkle designs add a touch of glamour. The Sensitive Seric Souplesse fabric is light, highly breathable, moisture-controlling and durable when washed.

Tommy Hilfiger’s Printed Briefs bring the rich Autumnal colours of the season together with a sexy animal print-like pattern and infuse them together in an expertly fitted cut to offer the optimum support and comfort for everyday wear.

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The great thing about this is when paired with the matching lace triangle bra, it makes for a stunning look without the fuss and discomfort of other lingerie sets made only for night-time use.

Of course, usually when we are on the hunt for some glamorous lingerie, we need look n further than our brand friends Fantasie, who do exquisite detailing and figure-enhancing shapes like no one else.

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But the Fantasie Jacqueline Short Briefs are proof that sexy can be supportive and comfortable too. The big pant cut is turned on its head with jacquard detailing and Swiss embroidery for a sultry take on the boy short style.

And we couldn’t possibly talk about impressive pants without mentioning Freya!

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The Freya ranges through Spring/Summer and now into Autumn/Winter have brought us the epitome of elegance. The Freya Chameleon Short is just one example of how a supportive pant cut can be paired with quality craftsmanship and beautiful patterns to create a stunning lingerie look.

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